Al Gore and Tipper Break Up. What About The Kids? Who Are Kristin, Karenna, Sarah and Albert Gore III

Many people stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the kids.  But that is probably not the case for Al and Tipper Gore. Why? Their kids are old! Not senior citizen old but old enough to get drafted, drink, and get married and have their own children. Al and Tipper have three daughters and one son together, Kristen, Karenna, Sarah and Albert III. Find out who they are and what they are up to here:

Kristin Gore
Age 32
• Kristen is the second daughter of Al and Tipper.
• She grew up in D.C..
• She attended Harvard University graduating in 1999.
• While at Harvard she was an editor for the Harvard Lampoon.
• She has published two novels. Sammy’s Hill in 2004 and Sammy’s House in 2007.
• Co-wrote the screenplay to the upcoming film Nailed.
• Was on the writing staff for the animated series Futurama.
• Wrote for Saturday Night Live, yes, that Saturday Night Live.

Karenna Gore Schiff
Age 36
• Went to Harvard and graduated with a B.A. in history and literature.
• Went to Columbia Law School and got her degree in 2000.
• She interned as a journalist for a TV station and The Times-Picayune and also wrote for Slate.
• After doing the writing thing, she became a lawyer.
• Kareena got married to a doctor Andrew Newman Schiff and had three children – Wyatt Gore Schiff (born 1999), Anna Hunger Schiff (born 2001) and Oscar Aitcheson (born 2006).
• They live in New York City.
• In 2006, Karenna also published the book Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Shaped Modern America

Albert Gore III
• Age 27
• Albert did a stint in rehab in 2007 after marijuana and persciption drugs were discovered in his car.
• He was busted after he was pulled over doing 100 MPH in his Toyota Prius.
• He was also arrested for pot in 2003, a DUI in 2002 and reckless driving in 2000.
• Following the family tradition, he went to Harvard and graduated in 2005 with a B.A..
• He almost died when he was running outside of a busy street after a Baltimore Orioles game. He was hit and thrown about thirty feet.
• He was a associate publisher for GOOD magazine.

Sarah Gore Lee
Age 31
Sarah got married to business man Ben Lee in 2007 (and Willie Nelson played her reception).
She met her husband at a event for her dad’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth.
She studied medicine at the University of California San Francisco.
Drawing is a passion and she has a website devoted to her work.


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