Angelina Bought Brad An $18,000 Tree. But Why Didn't She Adopt One Instead?

shop_adopt_lgAngelina Jolie bought her beloved Brad an $18,000 olive tree for Valentine’s day. But in true Angie and Brad style, shouldn’t she have adopted one instead?  Everyone is abuzz about the cost of the pricey tree Angelina Jolie bought as a Valentine’s Day  gift for her beloved Brad — but really, does that surprise anyone?  Celebrities are notorious for over-the-top spending on  lavish gifts and in this case, the cost of tree – $18,500 – compared to the cost of the garden in which it will be planted – a cool $60 million – seems to make sense.   Beyond the price tag, there’s also been speculation that the tree, to many a symbol of peace and reconciliation,  is a literal “olive branch” being offered up by Angelina and is a sign to Brad (and the public at large) that all is well in paradise again.

But if the latter is the case, my question is this:  Why did Angelina buy when she could have adopted??

That’s right.  You can obviously adopt children (and highways and other areas in need of a temporary benefactor) but you can also adopt trees — olive trees to be exact – and while you’re at it, you can support small scale farmers in Italy.  For about $100, you can adopt your own tree from companies like Nudo (or give one as a gift)  and for an entire year, you’ll receive a year of produce.   I’m not trying to plug the product here (although it is a great “grovey” gift), just thinking that it would have been more in line with Angelina’s giving style to adopt one  instead of “having her own.”

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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