Are Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper the Same Person? I Think Not!

I recently came across an article that suggested Sherlock Holmes of the BBC’s Sherlock fame and Dr. Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory are in fact or at least in the fictional world the same person. For about half a second, my mind was blown until I read the actual article.

Now, while I’ll agree that both Sherlock and Sheldon are incredibly intelligent characters on two very highly rated shows, the two men have their differences. Sure, they might be socially awkward and they have their quirks, but they can be miles apart when it comes to their personalities and sex appeal.

In typical Sheldon/Sherlock style, let’s deduce, shall we?

They are both quirky in different ways

Sheldon is excessively clean and very OCD to an extent (I’m surprised that his “spot” on the brown leather couch doesn’t have his tush prints on it by now), while Sherlock keeps his collection of skulls at home, preserves body parts in the same place where he keeps his food, and has a nicotine addiction. While both of them like to ramble about things that you and I could care less about, I think Sheldon would find Sherlock rather gross with his quirky habits.

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They don’t know how to deal with people without insulting them

Let’s take their roommates for example. While Sheldon’s roommate Leonard thinks he’s insufferable, Sherlock’s roommate/best friend Dr. John Watson basically idolizes him. Still, both Sheldon and Sherlock do not know how to engage in simple conversations with people without insulting them, and they also have this need to boast about their intelligence. While Sheldon can come off as smug at times, Sherlock gets away with it because people in his inner circle still find him likable — and that could be perhaps because they want to be just like Sherlock. However, I don’t think there’s anyone that would want to be remotely like Sheldon.

One has sex appeal and a great fashion sense, while the other … does not

This should be quite clear to anyone who watches both shows. Sheldon dresses like a freshman that just dropped out of college with his collection of geek culture T-shirts, while Sherlock has style. And not just any style, but the way he wraps his scarfs around his neck or pops his collars simply makes women (and maybe some men, too!) swoon. While I know that Benedict Cumberbatch does have an unconventional look to him, there’s just something so very sophisticated and sexy about him, while Jim Parson’s character, Sheldon, can be nauseating and childlike at times.

Plus, Sherlock jumps off buildings while faking his death while Sheldon can hardly ride a motorcycle at 20mph without crying like a toddler who just saw his pacifier cut up in pieces. One is physically fearless while the other is simply fearful.

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One is rather demanding while the other just complains about his neighbor’s freeloading

Have you ever noticed how Sherlock is always asking his landlady Mrs. Hudson to fetch things for him? Usually she dismisses his demands by saying “I’m not your housekeeper” but gets him his cup of tea anyway, while in Sheldon’s situation, it’s the other way around with his neighbor Penny. Penny is always borrowing their Wi-Fi and eating his takeout food. While Sheldon oftentimes protests, he seems to be more forgiving of Penny’s freeloading ways, while even loaning her money during her time of need. As far as Sherlock, I don’t think we’ve ever seen him do something so remotely nice for anyone in his inner circle.

One fights evil while the other fights electrons

Just because they are both tall, thin and intelligent, it doesn’t mean that Sherlock and Sheldon come from the same mind. Sherlock solves crime mysteries while Sheldon is just a genius scientist. I’m sure that if Sherlock and Sheldon were to ever cross paths, one would try to figure out why they got there, while the other would already be thinking about the next step of trying to get out.

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