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Kate Middleton wedding dressGood morning, Babble readers! We’ve risen bright and early to live blog the royal wedding. I’m Lady Andrea Zimmerman, editor of Famecrawler and I’ll be live blogging along with our Strollerderby editor, Lady Margaret Johnson, as we watch the guests, the dress, the vows, and ultimately, the overall circus that is taking place in London AS I TYPE THIS. If you’re up and watching, having a princess & pajama party perhaps (we are!), join us in the comments or tweet at us at @BabbleEditors and we’ll respond. Okay, here we gooooo. (Where’s our coffee?)

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AZ: Ahhhh, Victoria Beckham! That hat! It’s so her, is it not? And she’s ACTUALLY SMILING.

MWJ: For all of those reading, we’re watching on NBC, but do chime in if you’re on another network and see/hear something of interest.

AZ: Read somewhere that Kate Middleton is doing her own makeup. Not sure how I feel about that. Digging the confidence, but if the entire world was watching ME, not a chance I’d be applying my own bronzer.

MWJ: Elton just walked in! Look at the pink tie + yellow vest! Too bad little Zachary (apparently) wasn’t on the invite list.

AZ: These hats are insane! Perhaps that’s why we weren’t invited, Marg? For the sheer fact that we I would never, ever be able to pull those off.

MWJ: I tend to think I have outstanding hat-wearing abilities, thank you very much. Okay, Matt Lauer is talking about how Wills and Harry have a “circle of trust.”

AZ: Which is very Robert Deniro & Ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers, no? In other news, they brought in twenty foot trees into Westminster for this thing. Wow. And the band (sure that’s NOT the proper term), seems to be wearing some sort of fur…

MWJ: So we can be expecting PETA to show up soon, as well …


MWJ: Totally unacceptable, Zimms. Lauer says the wedding will start about an hour from now.  Oooh, there’s Guy Ritchie!

AZ: Just overheard: If William & Kate have a girl first, then a boy second, the boy will jump over the girl in line to the throne?  Am I understanding this correctly, M? Oh, here comes the prime minister! For the record, his wife is not wearing a hat.

MWJ: I’m confused about the boy-superseding-the-girl-as-heir. This is a monarchy with a reigning female monarch. Lauer just said William is breaking tradition by choosing Harry as his best man. Who does a member of the royal family typically choose?

AZ: David Beckham.

MWJ: But of course.

AZ: And going back to Beckham for a second, can we just talk about how insanely handsome he looks? Sorry, drifting. Meredith Viera just reported that William is running late for his own wedding. Having second thoughts? 😉

MWJ: Ladies and Gentleman, we have a groom in a Bentley. He looks awesome, if we do say so. (Lady AZ is a personal fan of the spare.)

AZ: Yep, always been more of a Prince Harry type. But Prince William looks absolutely dapper! Eeeeeee!

MWJ: They look so great going into the Abby! Wills just took off his hat. He does look a little nervous …

AZ: Wouldn’t you be?! Considering mandating my future groom to wear a similar ensemble.

MWJ: I support that. William is apparently wearing his RAF (Royal Air Force) wings among his other decorations.

AZ: Apparently, Wills & Harry have to socialize for 20+ minutes with the guests before Kate even arrives. That’s aaaaalot of small talk. They have got this thing planned

MWJ: Kate’s mom is now in a car on the way to the Abbey. Today is saying that St. Andrews is now the hottest university in the U.K. post Wills & Kate’s time there.

AZ: It’s like Arizona State for the Brits! Eh. Spotted: A baby wearing a “Team Kate” onesie.

MWJ: The Queen just celebrated her 85th birthday recently — this wedding has to be a great birthday gift. Happy 85th, Liz!

AZ: Kate’s mom arrives, along with Kate’s 24-year-old brother, James. Both looking fab. Reallllly hoping the wedding looks something like this, otherwise, not sure why I got up.

MWJ: Martin Bashir is comparing Kate Middleton to Diana at this point in life. Diana had gone through the divorce of her parents, anorexia, and was still a teenager. Kate is 29 and comes from a very close-knit family.

AZ: Kate prefers to be called Catherine now. Please refer to her accordingly.

MWJ: Prince Charles and Camilla are now en route to the Abbey. Amazing how easily the public have accepted the Duchess.

AZ: OMG THE HATS on Princess Eugenie & Beatrice.

MWJ: The queen is on her way! And she’s just smashing in yellow. And now the flower girls are getting into their Bentleys — or are they Rolls?

AZ: Why did we not camp out, Margs? This circus is too much fun. Just reported: Prince Charles in full regalia. Camila wearing Jimmy Choos. For some reason,  I can just *not* get behind that woman.

MWJ: And the crowd goes wild as the flower girls pass, waving as they go by. So cute! One is the youngest to be in a royal wedding — she’s only 3!

AZ: The queen exits the car, ROCKING the yellow. As my roomate said: This is the fashion show of the century. 5 minutes until Kate!

MWJ: The queen and Prince Phillip married in the Abbey years ago. She must be having some wonderful memories right now.

AZ: AHHHHHHHHKATEEEEEEE enters the car! Margaret + I scream in unison at the TV. What is she wearing!??

MWJ: Lauer: “Waity Katie is waiting no more.” We are still screaming. And to reassure everyone, the bride IS wearing a tiara.

AZ: And her hair is down. She looks gorg. I might shed a tear.

MWJ: She is SO beautiful. Glowing. Flower girls and pageboys entering the Abbey now.

AZ: Stunning. I go back on my makeup comment. Confirmation: Kate is wearing Alexander McQueen. Fitting, no?

MWJ: A wonderful tribute to a great and much-missed designer.

AZ: This is so fairytale-esque. Even though it’s sheer madness, wouldn’t you just like to be her, for like, 5 minutes?

MWJ: She’s getting out of the car. Pippa is coming out to meet her. OMG. The dress is amazing.

AZ: Wow. Just wow. She is…wow. Thoughts on the long sleeves? I love. Though, I’m so nervous for her!

MWJ: I love the lace neckline. The music has started. And out come the groom and Harry.

AZ: NO dancing down the aisles?!?! She looks so natural + calm. Will, on the other hand, is visibly sweating.

MWJ: Love the trees IN the Abbey. Kate is entering the choir. Harry just turned around to catch a view of the bride and whispered something to Wills, who’s facing forward, and smiled. Really cute brotherly moment.

AZ: Did you see William mouth to Kate she looks beautiful? So sappy, but the way he looked at her–too much! This is a movie.

MWJ: Our Facebook commenters are saying Wills said to Kate, “I love you,” when she arrived at the altar. Anyone else catch that?

AZ: In my next life, I’m coming back as Kate Middleton.

MWJ: Did the bishop just ask if anyone objects? At this point, I hope not.

AZ: William Arthur Philip Louie. What a name. Papa Middleton just handed her over to Will. Here come the vows…is it just me or does everything sound better in a British accent?

AZ: For richer or poorer? That won’t really be a problem, will it? 😉

MWJ: When Kate said her vows, we heard the crowd go wild outside. Here on my sofa, more screaming.

AZ: Speak for yourself. I’m crying.

MWJ: The bishop just blessed the union. Now we may have a sermon, which hopefully will be blessedly short.

MWJ: Just saw a shot of Trafalgar Square. Totally packed.

AZ: Let’s be honest, here. Nobody knows the words to these songs. Except perhaps Elton John. Also, Kate’s mom? This isn’t a funeral. Okay to show a bit of emotion.

MWJ: Agreed. She’s almost too calm. Kate’s brother, James, is reading from scripture.

MWJ: Now the boys choir is singing. Interesting that the boys choir includes some not-so-little boys.

AZ: Music’s lovely, but going to lure me back to sleep at this early hour.

MWJ: Kate seems pretty awake. Her posture is incredible. Ah, and now the sermon begins. Wills’ posture, incidentally, leaves something to be desired.

MWJ: Sermon’s over. I’m surprised Today isn’t chiming in more. I want to know what passage of Chaucer was quoted, but maybe that’s just me.

MWJ: Kate and Wills are back at the altar, folks. Choir boy solo!

AZ: Royal mantra: When in doubt, sing.

MWJ: And now for a rousing “God Save the Queen”! (Just hum “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”)

MWJ: Pippa’s bringing Kate her bouquet, straightening the train.

AZ: Aaaaand they’re headed off to a secret room? What’s going on?

MWJ: According to Martin Bashir, they’re “signing the register,” which I assume is equivalent to signing a marriage license?

AZ: What Will said to his future father-in-law when he arrived with Kate at the altar: “This was supposed to be a small family affair.” Oh, that Will. Such a joker.

MWJ: The carriages are supposedly waiting outside the Abbey to take the royal family to Buckingham Palace. Love the carriages!

MWJ: Kate and Wills will ride in the 1907 carriage, specifically. It’s the same one Charles and Diana used.

MWJ: Kate just curtsied to the queen. Now she and Wills are processing out of the Abbey.

AZ: And the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiild!

AZ: And here’s the carriage ride. A leeeetle bit different than those in Central Park.

MWJ: Apparently the young royals are allowed to wave like normal people. No cupped palms here.

AZ: One of the footmen is apparently a disguised bodyguard. Super-cool to be witnessing (from our couch) what will be an iconic moment in history.

AZ: Apparently, the couple will be taking official photos inside the palace. Which will then be on the cover of People magazine.

MWJ: Awkward moment getting out of the carriage at Buckingham Palace. The footman clearly did not know what to do with Kate’s train.

MWJ: Kate’s tiara was created by Cartier for the Queen’s mother in the 1930s.

AZ: Favorite moment: Watching Prince Harry ride to the palace in the little kid carriage. Yours, M?

MWJ: Of course your favorite moment involved Harry. I think mine was when Kate and Wills held hands in the carriage a few minutes ago.

AZ: All right, let’s get to the kiss.

MWJ: Incidentally, why is Ann Curry’s blouse so pink?

MWJ: Today is saying 20,000 people showed up at Trafalgar Square this morning.

AZ: Street parties are happening post-balcony kiss. This is my kind of wedding!

MWJ: Lots of kids and families in the crowd making its way toward Buckingham Palace.

AZ: Folks are now placing bets for how long THE KISS will be. O-3 seconds? 5-8? I’m saying 10+

MWJ: They’re on the balcony! Loved Kate’s “Wow” when she stepped out. And we have a kiss!

AZ: That kiss was disappointing! Cmon! It looks better in slow-mo.

AZ: YES! A second kiss! Now: flying planes!

MWJ: Yaaaaay! Could this wedding have been more perfect? I’m just bummed we weren’t invited to the lunch.

MWJ: That’s all from us. Thanks for reading, and Happy Royal Wedding, Babblers!

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