Babble Exclusive: Kendra Wilkinson Talks Keeping Up With The Basketts

Keeping up with the Hasketts

If there’s one celebrity mom we’d love to have in our local mom’s group, it would be Kendra Wilkinson without a doubt. This dedicated mother not only has the cutest little boy in Hollywood, but she also puts her family values first while still managing to keep the fun and partying alive in motherhood. Couldn’t you image a fun MNO (mom’s night out) with her?

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with this bombshell tomboy to talk about juggling her career while taking care of her family, her best beauty secret, her future expansion plans (that’s NFL talk there) and what’s in store for her son Hank Junior’s upcoming birthday.

Babble: Are you one of the “I don’t know how she does it” moms? Do you see yourself juggling too many tasks at once when it comes to trying to balance your career with motherhood?

Kendra: No, I don’t think I juggle TOO many tasks. I mean, I think all moms have to find the balance that works for them because when it goes from being just you to you and another human being it is definitely a learning curve when you have to balance work and being a mommy! I love my work and I love being a mom and I think it all just fits and I have a good rhythm.

Babble: You are an inspiration to a lot of mothers out there when it comes to losing that post-baby weight and maintaining a healthy body image. It took me a good 18 months to lose all of my weight and I kept on looking to you for inspiration! How does your diet and exercise routine look like today?

Kendra: It was definitely a struggle to get that weight off. I wasn’t fully prepared for what my post-baby body was going to be like at ALL! Now, I spend a lot of time running around with Baby Hank and believe me that’s a workout in and of itself. I also like to be active outside and I love to play sports so that helps keep me in shape. After the baby was born I was introduced to the supplement, Ab Cuts and it also helps keep my mid center tight on top of my regular workouts.

Babble: You mentioned recently that you’re not quite ready yet for baby number 2. Are you happy with just having one or two children or do you want a big family? Could you see yourself in a Keeping Up With The Hasketts spin-off in the future?

Kendra: LOL I definitely want another baby but I don’t think that will happen any time soon. Hank and I have our hands full with lil Hank and we are enjoying our time with him right now. Who knows what the future may bring too!

Babble: Should you have a little Kendra junior one day, do you think she is going to be a little dresses and dolls kind-of-girl or will she have her jersey on every Sunday to watch the big game like her mom (and boy, would she be beautiful!)?

Kendra: Aw, if I had a baby girl, yeah I would definitely want her to be able to express herself however she wanted. But you know if she wanted to wear a dress or tutu I would have a jersey on her too! LOL

Babble: You are one of the most relaxed mothers in the celebrity world when it comes to your style. Is there a beauty must-have or secret for effortless style that you can share with other moms?

Kendra: I always use lotion the minute I get out of the shower. It keeps my skin super soft and smooth. I think keeping your skin moisturized from top to bottom is the most important beauty steps a woman needs to take every day!

Babble: Your son, Hank Jr. is turning 2 soon. Do you have any birthday theme party ideas for him? Is there a character he is particularly crazy about these days?

Kendra: He’s obsessed with [the movie] Cars right now absolutely obsessed! I think we are going to do a Cars themed party this year and make him the racecar driver! The cake will be a racecar and I think we will have a lot of fun!


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