Bachelor Pad Premiere: The Cast Checks In, and Checks Each Other Out

Bachelor Pad Host Chris Harrison

Bringing back the “funniest”, “craziest” and “sexiest” Bachelors and Bachelorettes and sticking them all in a house and having them compete for cash?  How can ABC go wrong with this one?  The Bachelor Pad premiere is happening right now, and millions of viewers are glued to their TVs to see who hooks up, who goes completely nuts, and of course, who cries on national television.

For any hard core fans of the series, let’s hope that this show can tide us over till we find out if the next Bachelor, is indeed, Chris Lambton.

Here is a rundown of the highlights of the cast arriving at the house:

Not five minutes into the show, the cast members were totally checking each other out. And Gwen Gioia, from Season 2 of the Bachelor, was quickly singled out as the older girl in the group…and the one who would make the best mom.  They’d barely toasted their champagne flutes and these dudes were already looking for their wives and mothers of their future children!

Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.

A couple sips into their mimosas, you could feel the tension between Nikki and Juan, who had a one night stand a while back.  According to blond beauty, Natalie, the only reason that Juan hooked up with Nikki was so that he could have a place to stay in Chicago.  Really? That’s the only reason? The cat claws were already coming out and the show hadn’t even been on for a half hour yet.

As more cast members began to arrive, Wes, the notorious villain from Jillian’s season who had a girlfriend the whole time he was filming the show, got out of the limo and assured Chris Harrison that he was single.  Um, yeah, ok.  I totally believe him, how about you?

Elizabeth and Jesse had a head start and had already been hooking up for three months before Bachelor Pad.  In case you don’t remember, Elizabeth appeared on Jake’s season and wouldn’t let him kiss her.  I wonder if Jesse’s gotten to first base yet?

When Kiptyn walked through the door, Tenley immediately screamed and threw her arms around him.  Apparently the two have been out to dinner a few times and have set the expectation for the couple who could possibly last and actually get married and have babies out of this rowdy bunch.  I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for them.  It would be pretty cool if a happy union resulted from this show.

And who could forget “Crazy Michelle” from Jake Pavelka’s season.  So far, she seems a little more chill than she was with Jake, but then again, this is only the first night.  There’s plenty of time left for her to freak out a bit.

Gia, also from Jake’s season, walked in and the boys attention immediately shifted to her and how gorgeous she is.  Wes immediately went in for the kill, but Gia made sure to mention to the group that she has a boyfriend.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  Wes does have a way of charming ladies with his guitar.

Most of the guys were interested in the beautiful ladies walking through the door, but all “The Weatherman”, Jonathan from Ali’s season, could talk about was whether Craig R. was going to show up.  Jonathan’s face immediately sank when Craig walked in. Just as he was more concerned with Craig on Ali’s season than he was with winning Ali’s heart, he’s already repeating the same pattern on this show.

Once all of the cast members had arrived, Chris Harrison explained that they will be competing for roses, and getting a rose will allow you to go on intimate date with guy/girl of your choice.

Men and women will be then voting each other off each week, and the numbers will keep dwindling as the competition increases for $250,000.

Chris then welcomed his co-host of Bachelor Pad, Melissa Rycroft, who quickly corrected Chris on her name and told him it was now Melissa Rycroft Strickland. Melissa may have had her heart broken by Jason Mesnick, but she’s happily married now with a baby on the way, and she’s got this great new gig!  Things certainly have a way of working out, I guess.

With all of these young, single, and hot men and women sleeping in bunk beds in one room, things are sure to get a little steamy. Let’s hope that nobody snores. And let’s hope that the cameras are still rolling at night.

And kicking off the first competition with a friendly game of Twister?  I think this show definitely has potential.

Will you tune in next week?

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