The Best & Worst Celebrity Dad Beards

  • BEST: Morgan Freeman 1 of 13
    BEST: Morgan Freeman
    Who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman’s silver beard? It just adds to his mystique.
  • WORST: Brad Pitt 2 of 13
    WORST: Brad Pitt
    When we think celeb dads with beards, Brad Pitt is always the first guy to come to mind. Who can forget the era of that hideous Pitt beard?
  • WORST: Jason Bateman 3 of 13
    WORST: Jason Bateman
    He may be clean-shaven now, but we had to point out Jason Bateman’s beard circa January of this year — horrible.
  • BEST: Ryan Phillippe 4 of 13
    BEST: Ryan Phillippe
    The slightly scruffy beard totally works on dad Ryan Phillippe — we’re actually swooning looking at this photo.
  • BEST: Nicolas Cage 5 of 13
    BEST: Nicolas Cage
    While we don’t love Nicolas Cage’s semi-beard and mustache, it seems to be a part of him, and we can’t imagine him without it.
  • WORST: Tobey Maguire 6 of 13
    WORST: Tobey Maguire
    Perhaps Tobey Maguire tried the light beard for a while to counteract his baby face — but he must’ve realized it didn’t work, because he’s back to a shaved face now.
  • BEST: Hugh Jackman 7 of 13
    BEST: Hugh Jackman
    It seems Hugh Jackman’s level of scruffiness varies month-to-month, but one thing is for sure: It always looks good on him.
  • WORST: Matt Leblanc 8 of 13
    WORST: Matt Leblanc
    Shortly after Friends ended, actor Matt Leblanc grew a bit of a chin patch and mustache. Maybe he was trying to separate himself from his fun-loving character, Joey? Whatever the reason, we were not fans.
  • BEST: David Beckham 9 of 13
    BEST: David Beckham
    David Beckham could have a full scruffy beard and we’d still love him — this light layer of scruff works perfectly for him.
  • WORST: Antonio Banderas 10 of 13
    WORST: Antonio Banderas
    Fortunately, Antonio’s since shaven, because the beard he was sporting around March of this year aged him majorly.
  • WORST: Sting 11 of 13
    WORST: Sting
    The beard was an, um, interesting choice for Sting. While we don’t really hate it, we prefer him with a little less facial hair.
  • BEST: Chris Daughtry 12 of 13
    BEST: Chris Daughtry
    Singer Chris Daughtry’s beard is just part of his image — he’s one of those guys who probably would look worse without it.
  • BEST: Will Smith 13 of 13
    BEST: Will Smith
    King of cool Will Smith is one of few guys who can really pull off this mustache and goatee — more power to him!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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