Best and Worst Moms from the Real Housewives Franchise

Spoiler alert: Teresa makes my worst list... But who else is there?

I admit it. I watch The Real Housewives. Of any city. Well, except Miami. But does Miami even count? Who watched Miami? Nobody. Except The Real Housewives of Miami.

You’ve got to know how to watch this kind of reality show. You can’t just watch it at face value. My husband is constantly bitching about how “it’s not real” and that “this scene is obviously scripted by producers.”  No kidding. If you watch the housewives on that level, you’re going to be annoyed. You need to watch beyond the “reality” presented. They present one reality and you need to watch for the reality within the reality. You’re lost, right? Let me explain.

You watch for which stars are angling for camera time or trying to make co-stars look bad. Take a fight, for example. It might be scripted and it might be legitimate. Could be women angling for camera time or it might be one woman hoping for camera time and one woman who totally knows that and doesn’t want to play into it. In this case, we like the second woman, see?

Anyway, there have been about a billion epic scenes from this reality show but I never watch with more horror than any scene featuring Teresa Giudice and her four daughters. This vapid woman has the Toddlers & Tiaras moms beat by a mile, and people? That’s saying something. The worst part is that Teresa has no clue. She doesn’t know that we’re all onto her phony top mom routine. And she legitimately thinks forcing your kid into acting, dancing, singing and ruffled dresses and painting them up in makeup should earn her parent of the year. But that’s part of the fun/horror. Watching Teresa perform for the cameras, totally under the impression that we’re all falling for her “this is the real me” routine.

So it should come as no surprise that Teresa tops my list of worst moms from the real housewives franchise. What will surprise you? The mom who tops my best list.

The best and worst moms from the Real Housewives franchise. Moms from Atlanta, NYC, New Jersey, Orange County and Beverly Hills made each list.  Check it out. Do you agree? Why or why not.

  • Worst: Alexis Bellino from Orange County 1 of 12
    Worst: Alexis Bellino from Orange County
    If Alexis' constant subservience to her "king" husband doesn't make you throw up a little in your mouth, her obsession with her appearance surely will. While she probably isn't actively ruining the lives of her children in the same way Teresa Giudice likely is, I'm not sure Alexis' children have a shot in hell at being normal with her as their primary influence.
  • Worst: Teresa Giudice from New Jersey 2 of 12
    Worst: Teresa Giudice from New Jersey
    Teresa is so obsessed with herself and her quest for the limelight that she can only view her children through her own materialistic wants and needs. If any of her four daughters happened to like anything other than the Teresa-approved over-the-top girly-girl nonsense they would be out of luck. So far these girls are just dolls in mom's world of make believe so it remains to be seen whether they'll ever be able to break from mom's horrible example of what's important in life. Let's just say if these girls ever rebel against mom it will be a good thing.
  • Worst: Alex McCord from New York City 3 of 12
    Worst: Alex McCord from New York City
    Poor Francoise and Johan. Those are the names of McCord's sons with husband Simon Van Kampen. They really got the shaft in the parenting department. If you've seen any episode featuring this wacky couple I don't really need to explain. Sufficed to say, the couple, in a desperate bid to prolong their fifteen minutes, is apparently writing a parenting book. Simon explains it thusly: ""Like learning what to do on vacation, when a Saudi nurse feeds your baby all of the breast milk you've pumped at once, to the point he gets sick." Yes, Simon. Everyone can totally relate.
  • Worst: Danielle Staub from New Jersey 4 of 12
    Worst: Danielle Staub from New Jersey
    If you watched Staub's seasons on New Jersey then you know she involves her daughters in every single aspect of her life. Staub gets into a screaming, hair pulling match - she makes sure her daughters are in on the drama. It's the classic mom-trying-to-be-friends-instead-of-mom syndrome. Overall though, Staub seems to be a pretty good mom, she just needs to draw the line on what's appropriate to share with your daughters.
  • Worst: Ramona Singer from New York City 5 of 12
    Worst: Ramona Singer from New York City
    Anyone who has ever witnessed Singer trying to force her teen daughter into a lovely mother/daughter moment for the cameras has certainly cringed in discomfort. Singer is constantly trying to showcase what an excellent mother she is by giving her daughter everything, never realizing how awkward it is for her daughter, not to mention the millions watching on television. Must be nice to be used as a pawn to boost your mom's image as a great parent.
  • Worst: Taylor Armstrong from Beverly Hills 6 of 12
    Worst: Taylor Armstrong from Beverly Hills
    While I don't think Taylor is necessarily a bad mom I think the insane obsession with her appearance and her desire for a materialistic Beverly Hills lifestyle doesn't bode well for her daughter's future. I actually like Armstrong but it certainly won't be healthy for Kennedy to look back at the months leading up to her dad's suicide that aired on TV.
  • Best: Kathy Wakile from New Jersey 7 of 12
    Best: Kathy Wakile from New Jersey
    Kathy from New Jersey is cool as hell and despite being Teresa Giudice's cousin, the two are miles apart on the mothering spectrum. Wakile chooses to be a stay-at-home mom to her two children and if their behavior is anything to go by, this is one excellent mom. They are easily the most well-behaved, likable children ever to appear on any season of the housewives. If Bravo was smart they'd showcase more mom moments with her beautiful teenage daughter to show America that not all real housewives are bad moms. Her relationship with her husband Richard (who is a great dad) is one of the best of all the real housewives' couples.
  • Best: Caroline Manzo from New Jersey 8 of 12
    Best: Caroline Manzo from New Jersey
    She's pushy and bossy but Manzo would take that as a compliment. Along with Kathy Wakile Manzo probably has the best relationship with her children of any housewife. I have never seen a more supporting, caring, fun, mother and I'm positive her three children would agree. Her close-knit family sticks together during a crisis and I think that's due to mama bear Manzo making her family her number one priority.
  • Best: Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills 9 of 12
    Best: Kyle Richards from Beverly Hills
    Nearly every single scene featuring Richards at home shows her hanging out with her children. She also brings her older daughters along to most events and seems to have an excellent relationship. Unlike most of the other housewives, Richards is often seen with her toddler Portia on her hip as she rushes around to get ready for an event. Her relationship with her super hot husband Mauricio is also enviable.
  • Best: Kandi Burruss from Atlanta 10 of 12
    Best: Kandi Burruss from Atlanta
    Single mother Kandi Burruss has carefully kept her daughter, 9-year-old Riley, out of the spotlight. The little girl is rarely seen on the show. That right there should tell you why she's on this list. During the few moments Riley has been on the show it appears that mom and daughter are fast friends but that Burruss is also a no nonsense kind of mom.
  • Best: Bethenny Frankel from New York City 11 of 12
    Best: Bethenny Frankel from New York City
    Although she wasn't a mom while appearing on The Real Housewives of New York City Bethenny Frankel is easily the sanest, coolest mom of any edition of the franchise. Bethenny is a tough as nails woman yet once broke down while talking to her therapist saying she knows she's hard and doesn't want her daughter, Bryn to be like that. She wants Bryn to be sweet and nice. I really identified. I feel the same way about my Violet and worry that my discomfort with feeling vulnerable will teach her the wrong lessons in life. Love, love, LOVE Bethenny and have a feeling Bryn will be just fine with such a thoughtful, intelligent mom at the helm. Husband Jason Hoppy is pretty bad ass as well, but Bethenny rules.
  • Best: Kim Zolciak-Biermann from Atlanta 12 of 12
    Best: Kim Zolciak-Biermann from Atlanta
    Okay, so you may find it weird that Zolciak-Biermann made this list considering she spent most of the first seasons smoking and drinking wine. But, since meeting her husband Kroy this mama has really blossomed. Her relationship with her two older daughters (and now her baby KJ) is super sweet. Zolciak-Biermann has made her new little family unit a priority and has stayed out of the drama the other housewives seem to live for. Maybe that's why she finally landed her own spin-off Don't Be Tardy For the Wedding. Nene "I'm rich!" Leakes has got to be fuming. Of all the housewives of Atlanta, Zolciak is my favorite. I have long suspected that she's smarter than her blonde bombshell appearance implies and if she plays her cards right, Zolciak-Biermann could build a mini empire of her own. Watch out Bethenny!


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