50 Best Celebrity Baby Names

  • Amaya 1 of 50
    Law and Order actress Mariska Hargitay and her husband adopted a little girl this past spring and named her Amaya, which means “night rain.” A beautiful name and meaning for a beautiful little girl who Mariska has said completed their family and made her “deliriously happy.”
  • Arabella 2 of 50
    Not just any baby could pull off this name, but for Ivanka Trump’s daughter, the newest addition to the Trump powerhouse family, it seems like the perfect fit. It’s also the perfect twist to set a little girl apart from the Bella name craze right now (thanks, Twilight).
  • Ava 3 of 50
    This classy, simple name, meaning “like a bird,” has really took flight in the past several years, especially in the celeb-o-sphere. Many celeb parents have given their little ones this moniker, including Melissa Rycroft, Hugh Jackman, and Reese Witherspoon.
  • Aviana 4 of 50
    Amy Adams blended the popular names Ava and Ana for this unique gem. Little Aviana certainly won’t have to worry about her name getting mixed up with her fellow playground pals!
  • Billie 5 of 50
    We can imagine that this feminine version of Billy might get some little girls teased a bit on the playground, but for Rebecca Gayheart’s daughter, it seems to have just the right amount of character and southern charm.
  • Bryn 6 of 50
    We fell in love with this name even before Bethenny Frankel explained why she gave it to her daughter, but after hearing Bethenny’s story, it’s even more meaningful; Bethenny and her husband, Jason Hoppy, named their daughter in honor of Jason’s brother, Brian, who passed away years earlier and went by the nickname Bryn.
  • Clementine 7 of 50
    Ethan Hawke’s daughter might have to endure some rousing choruses of “Oh my darlin’ Clementine” during her lifetime, but we happen to think this is a pretty cute name. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, anyone?
  • Gia 8 of 50
    No plain-Jane names for Mario Lopez’s daughter! He named his baby girl Gia, an Italian version of the name Jane, which means “God is gracious.”
  • Grace Margaret 9 of 50
    Grace Margaret
    Though we’re fans of a bit of quirk (but not too much!) when celebs name their kids, we were happy to see Mark Wahlberg pick this strong yet pretty name combo for his sixth child, born in 2010.
  • Fiona 10 of 50
    Who’s the fairest of them all? Jennie Garth chose this name, meaning “fair and beautiful,” for her daughter, who’ll also grow up sharing her namesake with Shrek’s Princess Fiona — how cool!
  • Harper 11 of 50
    We’re loving the Harper name trend, used by Neil Patrick Harris for one of his twins and, most recently, by the Beckhams for their newborn daughter. (Though we do wonder if Harper Beckham’s middle name, Seven, will lead to future kids being named “Five” or “Six.”)
  • Hazel 12 of 50
    Another vintage namesake makes a comeback through Julia Roberts’ twin daughter, born in 2010. It’s also the perfect name for parents who want their little girl to grow up a nature-lover, since the name is an Old English word derived from the hazel tree.
  • Helena 13 of 50
    Who wouldn’t want to be named after a Greek goddess? This beautiful name, meaning “sun ray, shining light” is a twist on the name Helen, who was the gorgeous daughter of Zeus with the “face that launched a thousand ships.” It’s no wonder Gossip Girl star Kelley Rutherford gave her now 2-year-old daughter the moniker.
  • Honor 14 of 50
    Normally we’re a little bit hesitant when it comes to names that hold kids up to high standards like Chastity or Prudence, but we actually like Jessica Alba’s namesake for her now 3-year-old daughter.
  • Lucille 15 of 50
    Can’t go wrong with naming your kid after a major American icon like Lucille Ball! That’s what comedienne Maya Rudolph did with her second daughter in 2009.
  • Matilda 16 of 50
    A shout-out to the beloved Roald Dahl children’s book, this name, chosen by Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger for their daughter born in 2005, is quirky and fun (and her middle name, Rose, classes it up a bit).
  • Molly June 17 of 50
    Molly June
    Celebrities have even more pressure to pick just the right baby name, so it’s no wonder that Amanda Peet and her husband, David Benioff, were fighting about their second daughter’s name right up until the point of signing the papers! The result seems to be worth all the arguing though.
  • Nahla 18 of 50
    Though this name immediately makes us want to start humming “The Circle of Life,” we think Halle Berry was spot on when she gave her daughter this gorgeous Arabic moniker.
  • Olive 19 of 50
    We’ve loved this name ever since Abigail Breslin played the adorable pageant-winner wannabe of the same name in Little Miss Sunshine. Perhaps Isla Fisher and Sascha Cohen did too, considering they named their daughter Olive in 2007, a year after the movie came out.
  • Sailor 20 of 50
    When former supermodel Christie Brinkley gave her daughter this name in 1998, it had the potential to go the way of “Pilot Inspektor” or “Moxie Crimefighter,” but you know what? We like it. And it seems a lot of other parents do too, since the name has risen considerably in popularity in the last decade.
  • Stella 21 of 50
    Stelllaaaaaa! This name has been popping up everywhere in celebrity baby land! A few of the notable ones are Matt Damon’s daughter, born in 2010, Tori Spelling’s girl, born in 2007, and Ellen Pompeo’s daughter in 2009, named Stella Luna after the favorite children’s book. Looks like these celebs want their kids to become stars, too!
  • Tabitha 22 of 50
    Despite the fact that Tabitha is a solid, classic (even biblical) name, there are very few of them when it comes to celebrity kids. Just another example of how Sarah Jessica Parker (who gave one of her twins this name) goes against the flow, and it works!
  • Valentina 23 of 50
    Be my valentine? Not too many can pull off the extravagance and romance of this name, but it seems just right for the daughter of Salma Hayek, and it rolls right off the tongue when paired with her middle name, “Paloma.”
  • Violet 24 of 50
    In a sea of terrible celebrity baby names, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck seemed to pick the perfect name for their oldest daughter (now 5-years-old) that’s both classic while still young and fresh.
  • Zahara 25 of 50
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s adopted daughter seems to love hamming it up for the camera, so this name meaning “shining” seems to fit just right for their little one!
  • Abel 26 of 50
    Amy Poehler and Will Arnett went really classic and traditional with this name from the biblical story of Cain and Abel.
  • Asher 27 of 50
    Another classic, biblical name meaning “blessed” and “happy” (and a nice male variation of Ashley), Asher is the name of CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s son, born in 2009.
  • Atlas 28 of 50
    Atlas is the mythical Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, so maybe Anne Heche and James Tupper gave their son this name because they wanted him to grow up to be just as big and strong.
  • Beckett 29 of 50
    Part of the last-name-turned-first-name trend, this surname meaning “dweller near the brook” has grown in popularity. Celebs like Conan O’Brien and Stella McCartney have snatched it up for their sons.
  • Bennett 30 of 50
    Like Beckett, but with just a bit more sophistication, Bennett, meaning “little blessed one,” was derived as a surname from Benedict in medieval times. 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski gave her son this name when he was born earlier this year.
  • Eli 31 of 50
    Another name with biblical origin, this traditional name has been underused in recent years, but comedienne Rachel Dratch brought it back by naming her son Eli when he was born in 2010.
  • Felix 32 of 50
    You may think this name would better suit a pet cat, but with the meaning “happy” and “lucky,” we’re glad that Elizabeth Banks chose this for her son.
  • Flynn 33 of 50
    New parents Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr gave their little boy this ultra-cute Gaelic name. The three of them seem to be the model of family perfection so far!
  • Gunner 34 of 50
    Meaning “battler” or “warrior,” Gunner was a great name choice for the son of The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers — just enough rock and roll edge without being over the top.
  • Henry 35 of 50
    We’re happy to see this traditional name making a comeback, both in celebrity baby names and in U.S. baby name trends in general. Though Kendra Wilkinson's son goes by Hank, she gave him the full name Henry Randall Baskett IV in 2009, passing the name down through four generations in her family!
  • Huckleberry 36 of 50
    As a full name we’re not completely sold, but shortened as Huck? Very cute. And, of course, we expected celeb dad Bear Grylls (star of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild) to give his son a name that’s both adventurous and out of the ordinary.
  • Jasper 37 of 50
    Is it a butler? A dog? No, it’s the name of Brad Paisley’s little boy, born in 2010. This one had to grow on us, but once it did, we really started to like it, especially because it means “treasurer” — perfect to name your own little treasure.
  • Jett 38 of 50
    This is the name of John Travolta’s son who tragically passed away as a teenager, but years later other celebs have followed suit in giving their sons this name, like R&B singer Jill Scott in 2010.
  • Julian 39 of 50
    This name has a nice ring to it and still remains masculine with its throwback to Julius Caesar. It’s no wonder Lisa Kudrow chose it for her son in 1998.
  • Leo 40 of 50
    If you want your boy to have the heart of a lion, this short and sweet name may be perfect for your little one. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz named their first child Leo, born in January of this year.
  • Levi 41 of 50
    Camila Alves and Matthew Mcconaughey’s name for their first son is not only adorable, but it also reminds us of a favorite pair of blue jeans.
  • Liam 42 of 50
    This shortened version of William is beginning to catch on, both in Hollywood and beyond. One of our favorite famous Liams is Tori Spelling’s son, who is already known for his hilarious statements on Twitter, posted by proud mama Tori.
  • Max 43 of 50
    Want your kid to be the biggest and the best? This simple and sweet name literally means “greatest.” Will Christina Aguilera’s 3-year-old son, Max, live up to those expectations? Only time will tell.
  • Ryder 44 of 50
    Alright, we’re not crazy about Kate Hudson’s name choice for her newest son (Bingham), but we think she did pretty well the first time around with this unique boy’s name. Meaning “knight” or “mounted warrior,” we’re hoping little Ryder will grow up to be the knight-in-shining-armor type.
  • Sawyer 45 of 50
    Erica Hill’s name for her son reminds us of both the adventurous little boy Tom Sawyer from the Mark Twain classic and the often-shirtless bad boy from Lost. Enough said.
  • Sean Preston 46 of 50
    Sean Preston
    Britney Spears has made many poor decisions in her young life, but we’d say her chosen namesake for her firstborn is not one of them. It’s difficult to come up with a name that can be both dignified and cute, but this one does the trick!
  • Skylar 47 of 50
    Considering Rachel Zoe is the stylist to the stars, it’s no wonder she gave her son an equally stylish name that also means “scholar.” Let’s see whether Skylar’s fashion sense and book smarts live up to his name.
  • Theodore 48 of 50
    Meaning “divine gift, ” we love the strength of this name, also a nod to President Theodore Roosevelt. It also has a plethora of nicknames to choose from: Ted, Teddy, Theo. We can’t wait to see what Ali Larter calls her own little Theodore!
  • William Atticus 49 of 50
    William Atticus
    A strong, classic first name with a middle name that’s a quirky shout-out to the To Kill a Mockingbird character. We almost wish we had thought of this name combo before Mary Louise Parker did!
  • Zachary 50 of 50
    Given Elton John’s often flamboyant sense of style, we were surprised when he went the more traditional route in naming his first son, Zachary, but we like that he chose a name that has stood the test of time.

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