Bethenny Frankel's Meal Plan: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch & Dinner

Bethenny Frankel’s insta-weight loss post giving birth to Bryn has raised a hailstorm of criticism and led to questions of just what the Real Housewife eats. She has said time and time again-portions. That could really be anything, but luckily the Naturally Thin  Bethenny has laid out a complete meal plan.


Bethenny will have decaf sugar-free vanilla soy misto. Some days she’ll have a scooped-out toasted wheat bagel with a small amount of butter. Other options include a slice of soy cheese or Laughing Cow cheese, or irish oatmeal with cinnamon and a drizzle of agave and some frozen blueberries. Other days it’s  Kashi good friends cereal or shredded wheat drizzled with agave nectar with almond milk.


“I don’t believe in obsessing about eating every few hours. Try to get to know your food personality,” she advises. “If you go too far without eating and become ravenous then you need to force yourself to snack. Otherwise, like me, just know when you’re getting to that hunger place. I might eat a Kind Bar or Larabar because the nuts stay with you. Mid-morning, I’ll peel an orange or eat a grapefruit or an apple, but fruit spikes your blood sugar so don’t go too long without some protein soon after.”


Soup, salad with protein like chicken or chickpeas,  or a veggie burger on a slice of whole grain bread with soy cheese and a bit of mustard mixed with ketchup.


“Every night, I make a “use what you have” salad,” she says. “I use whatever greens I have, usually arugula or romaine, and combine it with whatever else I have — grape tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, corn, sprinkle of sharp tasting cheese (i.e. feta, blue cheese or Parmesan), etc. Then I salt and pepper the greens and make a simple dressing out of olive oil, lemon, white balsamic, a dash of agave nectar and a dash of mustard.”

For the main course she’ll have white meat turkey burgers,  whole wheat pasta with vegetables such as spinach or broccoli rabe, or tacos or lowfat enchiladas from her own recipe book.

That’s a pretty thorough meal plan, but like all meal plans can be hard to follow.  Her main rule is: “No matter what, I do not overeat. Always know what a normal portion should be. To fill yourself up, eat more salad and veggies, which are high in fiber and low in calories.” And don’t starve yourself. Even Bethenny will eat treats. “Usually, I have about 1 glass of wine a day and I always have a few bites of dessert ice cream, cupcakes, whatever. Use a small ramekin dish to control portion size.”

For more on Bethenny and how she is handling life with Bryn, check out Babble.com’s interview with her.


Article Posted 8 years Ago

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