Beyonce Fake Pregnancy Proof: Prosthetic Breasts (Photos)

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Beyonce is wearing prosthetic breasts!

According to MediaTakeout.com‘s investigation back in late November, music star Beyonce Knowles was wearing prosthetic breasts during her pregnancy, further proving that the pop diva was carrying a fake baby bump!

While promoting her new concert DVD on Nov. 20, Beyonce’s prosthetic breast, or what appeared to be one, slipped out of her dress (Click on the main photo and see for yourself at a bigger viewpoint!). Why would someone who is pregnant want to enhance their bust size?

What other prosthetic pieces could she have been wearing? Hmm… perhaps a prosthetic belly?

The jig is up Beyonce. It’s time to fess up to this already!

Take a closer look at the slip up below and let us know what you think!

  • Fake Breasts 1 of 11
    Two months before giving birth to Blue Ivy, Beyonce was spotted wearing prosthetic breasts - just like the prosthetic belly she was accused of wearing as well. But in this photo, the fake breasts are visible to the naked eye!
  • Side Proof 2 of 11
    If you look closely at Beyonce's dress, you can see that the gold pattern is see through. Behind the pattern is her black bra. But from the front, there is no black bra. So where could it be? It's under her prosthetic breasts!
  • Belly Deflated 3 of 11
    Beyonce was first accused of carrying a fake baby bump when her stomach deflated during a live telecast interview.
  • Pregnancy Timeline 4 of 11
    Beyonce is supposed to be 8 months pregnant here, but recent photos of Jennifer Garner and Hilary Duff (both in their final months of pregnancy) prove otherwise.
  • Duping Her Fans 5 of 11
    If Beyonce was in fact faking her pregnancy, why did she do it so sloppily?
  • Cleavage 6 of 11
    If you look closely at Beyonce's cleavage, you can see the outline of the prosthetic breasts.
  • Thick Figure 7 of 11
    Many argue that Beyonce was always a thick girl, but her breasts were never this big. And yes pregnancy does cause that, but why is she clearly wearing fake ones then?
  • Side Angle Disaster 8 of 11
    If Beyonce just wore a less revealing top then none of this suspicion would have happened.
  • No Where To Turn 9 of 11
    Beyonce is slowly losing her fans as they are beginning to lose their trust in her.
  • Time For A Big Reveal 10 of 11
    Beyonce has nothing else to do except reveal the truth.
  • Fake Bump Proven To Be True 11 of 11
    With this evidence, on top of the deflating belly, it's obvious that Beyonce did carry a "fake baby bump."

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]

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