Beyonce Faking Her Pregnancy? 5 Other Celebs Who Have Been Rumored to Wear Fake Baby Bumps!


Now some may have been shocked by the idea that a celebrity would fake their pregnancy. And with rumors that Beyonce could possibly be wearing a prosthetic and that a surrogate is actually is carrying her baby, it may come as no surprise that this isn’t the first time celebrity tales like this have surfaced.

The supposed motives have been as wide spread as infertility to said star not wanting to ruin their figure. But why fake it at all? Apparently to convince the public that they are fertile, baby making mothers, giving them a PR boost. Or maybe some may not want to admit to the world that they couldn’t or wouldn’t carry a child in their own bodies.

Regardless of the validity of the the rumors, here are five other celebrities who some believed may have faked their pregnancies.

  • Nicole Kidman 1 of 5
    Nicole Kidman
    Many thought the way her bump never really got that big, and that she never seemed to carry like most pregnant women was suspicious. There were many rumors that her first biological child was born via a surrogate. But her second biological child was confirmed to being born via a surrogate.
  • Kelly Preston 2 of 5
    Kelly Preston
    The tabloids had a field day claiming that Kelly Preston actually used a surrogate for her and John Travolta's newest child.
  • Katie Holmes 3 of 5
    Katie Holmes
    Some Katie Holmes pregnancy watchers thought it was odd that she did so much high heel shopping and wore items one doesn't usually think of as comfortable for a pregnant lady. Also, there were reports that the timeline of her belly bump saw the bump go from big to small to big again.
  • Sarah Palin 4 of 5
    Sarah Palin
    There were oodles of rumors about the birth of Sarah Palin's youngest child Trig with some pretty interesting rumors that she was covering up the pregnancy and birth of what could have been her daughter Bristol's first child which resulted in Trig. But then Bristol went and got pregnant so it kind of changed that theory.
  • Angelina Jolie 5 of 5
    Angelina Jolie
    When Angelina Jolie was pregnant with twins there were some rumors that she could have used a surrogate. Some thought her slim frame couldn't possibly carry twins. And other thought some photos of Angie's belly bump looked suspicious.

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