Beyonce, Jessica Alba And Other Celebs Who Dress Correctly For Their Skin Tone (Photos)

The other day when I was on a trip someone mentioned to be that they noticed that I wore a lot of pinks and purples. It was a comment that I really didn’t pay attention to until I came home and realize that my closet did look like something that would come out of Barbie’s Dreamhouse: pinks, florals, and violet shades of everything was everywhere. But I’m not talking Snooki pink or anything, but the much lighter and darker shades of every little girl’s favorite color.

I just can’t help wearing these colors because I naturally gravitate towards them. I’m in my early thirties and I’ve realized what looks good on me and what doesn’t. My natural hair color is dirty blonde and my skin color is olive and whereas orange, yellow and green make me looked washed out, a purple sundress looks perfect on me. Sometimes you just have to go with what nature gives you, right?

Take a look at our photo gallery below of other celebrity moms who dress correctly for their skin colors and tell us, what works best for you and what doesn’t? It kind of makes sense now that Beyonce loves to wear pink and yellow while Nicole Kidman stays away from the browns. Let us know what you think!

Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.

  • Beyonce 1 of 5
    Gals with dark skin can totally pull off sporting both light and rich colors. Pink, yellow and lavender typically creates a nice contrast against your tone and brightens up your complexion. Darker shades like red and black flatter you because they bring out your skin's undertones. No wonder Beyonce wears so many pinks and yellows, right?
    Source via Type F
  • Jessica Alba 2 of 5
    Jessica Alba
    If there's one person's style that I absolutely LOVE it would be Jessica Alba's. She looks great and bright colors and she obviously knows it! Brunettes generally belong to the autumn camp. They look best in oranges, browns and other earthy tones. Black and white on the other hand won't do them any justice.
    Source via Discovery Health
  • Julianne Moore 3 of 5
    Julianne Moore
    If you have freckles and light skin, you are spring, so you should wear yellows, greens and blues. As for things to avoid, you could start a club with your autumn friends and start boycotting black and white! As you can see Julianne knows what works for her and definitely works it with the light green and blues.
    Source via Discovery Health
  • Monica Bellucci 4 of 5
    Monica Bellucci
    The beautiful, the gorgeous, the one-of-a-kind Monica Bellucci. The Italian actress has a cool skin color. She looks great in a metallic lilac gown since she has natural black hair, dark brown eyes and a light complexion. It seems nearly impossible to see her in colous that don't suit her complexion, having said that, she looks best in red and black.
    Source via Womenist
  • Nicole Kidman 5 of 5
    Nicole Kidman
    Winter skin tones can be pale, yellow, or dark with blue or pink undertones. Sharp colors like black and blue are great for winter skin tones, but light browns won't help you out, so give them a wide berth. As you can see here Nicole loves to stick with darker colors she knows what works for her best, obviously.
    Source via Discovery Health

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