Buff Biceps! 10 Celeb Moms Prove That Toned Arms Are in Style! (Photos)

poppy montgomery
Poppy Montgomery's arms are amazing!

Do you remember when skinny was in for women, and looking fit and toned was out? Times have definitely changed, and it seems like more and more ladies are striving to achieve a lean physique while also maintaining good muscle definition.

Celebrity moms have some of the most toned legs and abs we’ve ever seen, but there also seems to be a trend in working out their arm muscles as well.

Plenty of famous moms have buff biceps, making them look beyond incredible in sleeveless shirts and dresses.

Poppy Montgomery of the hit show “Unforgettable” is the mother of a 4-year old son, and from the looks of it, she gets a great arm workout by picking him up! Well, that and I’m sure she hits the gym a few times a week too.

Here are photos of 10 other celeb moms who prove that toned arms are definitely in style right now!


  • Kelly Ripa 1 of 10
    Kelly Ripa
    Kelly's biceps pack a major punch!
  • Heidi Klum 2 of 10
    Heidi Klum
    Even though she's very slender, Heidi has great definition.
  • Kendra Wilkinson 3 of 10
    Kendra Wilkinson
    Kendra worked hard to get back in shape after having baby Hank. Her arms and her entire body look amazing!
  • Lisa Rinna 4 of 10
    Lisa Rinna
    Lisa has been known to do Pilates to keep her arms lean and toned.
  • Brooke Shields 5 of 10
    Brooke Shields
    Brooke's athletic build has always been envied.
  • Courteney Cox 6 of 10
    Courteney Cox
    Looks like weight training is a part of Courteney's workout regime.
  • Gwen Stefani 7 of 10
    Gwen Stefani
    Not only does she have incredibly flat abs...Gwen's arms are toned too!
  • Jennifer Garner 8 of 10
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen hasn't lost her muscle tone even though she's pregnant with baby number three.
  • Brooke Burke 9 of 10
    Brooke Burke
    Brooke is fit from head to toe!
  • Cindy Crawford 10 of 10
    Cindy Crawford
    Cindy shows off her supermodel biceps!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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