They are HOW OLD? Can You Believe These Stars Are the Same Age? (Photos)

We all take different paths, and it’s amazing to see how personal choices will take us to very different places. While we may not all be movie stars, rock stars, or have a role on a top-rated TV show, it’s pretty fascinating to see how the rich and famous age compared to their peers who were born in the same year. Iggy Pop and Paula Deen, Brad Pitt and Mike Myers, and Nicki Minaj and Kate Middleton are just a few of the examples we’ve put together in our collection of the surprising age matches.

Which one surprises you the most?

  • Paula Deen and Iggy Pop 1 of 17

    Age is pretty much the only thing that punk superstar Iggy Pop and dethroned cooking star Paula Deen have in common. Both are icons of their industries, but one gets wild on stage while the other can make a mean French Toast Casserole.

  • Chelsea Handler and Drew Barrymore 2 of 17

    I was really surprised to find out that Chelsea Handler and Drew Barrymore were the same age. Drew seems so fresh faced compared to the late-night host. But both women look fab, especially since they both have confessed to having gone through hard core partying stages.

  • Nicki Minaj and Kate Middleton 3 of 17
    kate niki

    These two women may have been born in the same year, but that's about all they have in common. One thing is for sure, you'll never see them wearing the same outfit!


  • Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez 4 of 17
    Jen and jene

    1969 was a big year for the name Jennifer, and also a big year for producing stars! Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston were both born in 1969! And they BOTH look amazing for 44.

  • Adele and Emma Stone 5 of 17
    Adle Emma

    It's really weird to think of Adele as being just 25; she seems so poised, so successful, and has such a mature air about her. Actress Emma Stone has such a youthful way about her that she can still snag the high school girl movie roles! Amazing to think of them as the same age.

  • Brad Pitt and Mike Myers 6 of 17
    mike brad2

    Did I just blow your mind? Yes, hottie Brad Pitt and funny man Mike Myers are both 50!


  • Hellen Mirren and Debbie Harry 7 of 17

    One is a rocker, the other is regal. But one thing is for sure, both Helen Mirren and Debbie Harry look amazing for 67!


  • Christie Brinkley and Kathleen Turner 8 of 17

    These two are the same age, but they both aged very differently. Christie Brinkley is still embracing her model years, while Kathleen Turner looks like a regular, real 59-year-old.

  • Salma Hayek and Halle Berry 9 of 17

    These two are both so incredibly stunning for being in their mid-forties. They look as good, if not better, than women half their age!


  • Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum 10 of 17

    These two sex symbols may both be 32, but have very different lives. Channing is embracing fatherhood, while Ryan still seems like a player.

  • Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie 11 of 17
    Eva dn Angie

    Angelina and Eva may both be actresses, who both happen to be 38, but that's pretty much all they have in common. Eva has yet to settle down with a family, while Angelina is very much playing house with Brad Pitt and their six kids.

  • Courtney Love and Courteney Cox 12 of 17

    Courtney and Courteney have lived VERY different lives, which is apparent in how they are aging.

  • Madonna and Jamie Lee Curtis 13 of 17

    Wow. Just wow. Madonna and Jamie Lee Curtis are working their fifties in VERY different ways.

  • Tom Cruise and Steve Carell 14 of 17

    These two Hollywood superstars both still snag the leads in movies, but very different kinds of movies. One is still embracing his inner action hero, while the other tackles the movie men in midlife -- yes, one is all fantasy, whereas the other is far more rooted in reality.

  • Gwen Stefani and Catherine Zeta Jones 15 of 17

    Crazy, right? Gwen Stefani still has the style of a hip quirky teenager, whereas Catherine Zeta Jones seems to be such a "dame." But yup, they are both the same age!

  • Christina Aguilera and Michelle Williams 16 of 17

    These two ladies have been in the entertainment industry forever! Christina Aguilera had her first TV appearance when she was just 8 years old and went on to star on the Mickey Mouse Club, and Michelle Williams had her first big break when she was 14, in the film Lassie. But even though they've been in the biz for decades, they are both just 32.

  • Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan 17 of 17

    Apparently being born in 1986 is tough for stars. Both Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes were born that year, and although they both had huge careers as teen/tween stars, they both are battling some very serious demons. (Note: Both images above are mug shots... sad.)


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News.

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