Casey Anthony-The Movie: Which of These 8 Actresses Would YOU Cast in the Role?

Who would play Casey Anthony?

You know that somewhere, right now, right this second, there are numerous casting agents debating over whom to cast in a “ripped from the headlines” drama based on the saga that is the Casey Anthony story. These agents have one thing in their favor lots of choices.

But would these ladies even take the job, or even “do lunch” to discuss the project? You can bet some would jump at the chance. Others? They’d slam the phone down at the mere utterance of the name Casey Anthony.

Here are eight casting suggestions. Who do you think would make the best (or worst for that matter) Casey Anthony of the big or small screen?

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt 1 of 8
    Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Jennifer Love Hewitt could totally pull this off in full-on Lifetime movie style.
  • Anne Hathaway 2 of 8
    Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway has flirted with more challenging roles in the recent past. Plus she has the acting chops to lose herself in an evil role, even though she seems like a total sweetheart.
  • Kristen Stewart 3 of 8
    Kristen Stewart
    Kristen already gave a great big ‘no way Jose' to the idea of being cast in the role, so she's a no-go, but still would be a pretty good casting for Casey Anthony.
  • Megan Fox 4 of 8
    Megan Fox
    Transformers=Out. She needs the work.
  • Natalie Portman 5 of 8
    Natalie Portman
    She already won her Oscar, so she wouldn't need to do this role (in an A-list production that is) in order to snag an Academy Award. It would be more a way to further delve into her dark side acting-wise. But as a new mom, would she want to go there?
  • Alanis Morrisette 6 of 8
    Alanis Morrisette
    Singer and actress Alanis Morissette may have once had the long locks that Casey Anthony now sports, but still, something about their features regardless of the hair - seems like a pretty good match.
  • Marisa Tomei 7 of 8
    Marisa Tomei
    Marisa may be a bit older than Casey Anthony, but she still looks fabulous for her age. Marisa would bring some vulnerability to the role, which would give the character some depth.
  • Lindsay Lohan 8 of 8
    Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan and Casey Anthony seem to have much in common. Both are total party girls, both are no strangers to the courtroom and both seem to have something missing in the morals category.

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