50 Greatest Celeb Mom Makeovers

  • Kate Gosselin 1 of 50
    Kate Gosselin
    Though she got a lot of flack for the cost, there was a nationwide sigh of relief when the reality mom of eight finally shed her peacock hairdo and opted for long locks instead.
  • Nicole Richie 2 of 50
    Nicole Richie
    Harlow’s mom seamlessly transitioned from the streaky-haired, overly made-up bad girl to the queen of understated boho chic.
  • Ashlee Simpson-Wentz 3 of 50
    Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
    Along with the singer’s new last name and new baby came a new look. Jessica’s little sis ditched the mismatching, rebellious outfits and harsh black hair for a totally glammed-up look, complete with softer locks and chicer duds.
  • Cate Blanchett 4 of 50
    Cate Blanchett
    This superstar celeb mom has always looked perfectly-styled and amazing, but now Cate's rocking a shorter do and often appears on the red carpet sporting handsome-chic looks like this suave suit.
  • Britney Spears 5 of 50
    Britney Spears
    Brit started out on her first album cover looking sweet and youthful as a teen pop idol but soon spiraled down into many not-so-flattering looks. Nowadays, it seems Britney Spears has finally found her classier side again — and this time, all grown up as a mom of two!
  • Katie Holmes 6 of 50
    Katie Holmes
    Once upon a time, Tom’s wife and Suri’s mom embraced long locks and a fresh-faced look that made her famous on Dawson’s Creek. Now the actress seems to prefer a slightly shorter 'do and a much trendier wardrobe.
  • Kendra Wilkinson 7 of 50
    Kendra Wilkinson
    From Playboy Mansion eye candy to new mom! Kendra’s lengthened her hemlines and classed up her overall look with ensembles like this modest-but-not-too-modest teal dress and nude pumps.
  • Christina Milian 8 of 50
    Christina Milian
    This actress and singer went from wearing midriff-bearing, tacky teenage clothes to sophisticated-yet- sassy styles perfect for a young, new mom.
  • Kirstie Alley 9 of 50
    Kirstie Alley
    The star of Kirstie Alley’s Big Life stepped away from frumpy, odd ensembles (like the one below, in which she looks like a cast member of Hocus Pocus) to toned-down and age-appropriate outfits, like this simple black and white maxi dress with wrap jacket.
  • Victoria Beckham 10 of 50
    Victoria Beckham
    The ex-Spice Girl used to be your typical bombshell next door: a pretty woman with decent clothes, a good body and long, shiny hair. Now, she’s an internationally-admired style icon, designer, and uber-chic mom sporting modern, edgy pieces that we can’t help but drool over.
  • Sherri Shepherd 11 of 50
    Sherri Shepherd
    The TV hostess and actress went from super-tacky — that mustard, velvet jumpsuit, eeks! — to super-trendy in just a few years.
  • Valerie Bertinelli 12 of 50
    Valerie Bertinelli
    With Valerie's famous Jenny Craig-endorsed weight loss also came a new image, which is much more natural and mature.
  • Melissa Joan Hart 13 of 50
    Melissa Joan Hart
    The Melissa & Joey star still loves to rock the casual look at events, but fortunately, she’s ditched the odd, frumpy turtle-necks and orange pants. She looks so much more chic now!
  • Candace Cameron Bure 14 of 50
    Candace Cameron Bure
    A few years ago, the Full House star was still sporting clothes better suited for a high school kid. Now, the Make It Or Break It star has blossomed, donning edgy and mature pieces everywhere she goes.
  • Gwen Stefani 15 of 50
    Gwen Stefani
    Gwen Stefani has transformed from young rocker “chic” (really? A wife-beater under a lace cami?) to a musician-mom donning super cute, off-beat outfits. While she still maintains her unique style, she's taken it to a much higher level.
  • Demi Moore 16 of 50
    Demi Moore
    Demi Moore is one of those moms who got better with age. Everything about her — from her hair and makeup to her wardrobe — looks 100% more elegant and gorgeous now, than when she first appeared on the scene.
  • Melanie Brown 17 of 50
    Melanie Brown
    Looking at ex-Spice Girl Mel-B now, it’s hard to believe she was ever called “Scary Spice.” She emanates a level of decidedly un-scary sophistication on a regular basis.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker 18 of 50
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Though SJP has always been a style icon, she’s definitely made slight wardrobe adjustments over the years that classed up her look quite a bit.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus 19 of 50
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    She stars in the show The New Adventures of Old Christine and could easily title her real life similarly. Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks like a completely different person from her style-lacking self of almost 10 years ago.
  • Jennifer Lopez 20 of 50
    Jennifer Lopez
    Who can forget J.Lo’s infamous green gown at the 2000 Grammy Awards? Now, the mom of twins opts to be a bit more covered up, and we love her current choices.
  • Michelle Williams 21 of 50
    Michelle Williams
    The former Dawson’s Creek star did a fab job of shedding her casual teen-queen look in favor of an elegant, mature-mom aesthetic.
  • Uma Thurman 22 of 50
    Uma Thurman
    In Uma Thurman’s case, she went through a bit of a make-under. The actress now steps out looking much more natural and refreshed.
  • Julia Roberts 23 of 50
    Julia Roberts
    Though her acting would’ve taken her far no matter what, thank goodness Julia Roberts created a sleeker, sassier look for herself — those major ringlets just didn’t jive with us.
  • Kate Winslet 24 of 50
    Kate Winslet
    Kate recently chopped off the long hair she's had since her Titanic days. We've always looked to Kate as a down-to-earth mom (yet stylish!) celeb we can relate to, but now her new edgy do gives us something else to admire — her bravery!
  • Paulina Rubio 25 of 50
    Paulina Rubio
    This Mexican singer and actress looked more like a member of a teen girl group just four years ago — nothing like the sexy solo act she is now.
  • Milla Jovovich 26 of 50
    Milla Jovovich
    Milla once had long, dark, wavy hair, but these days she's showing off a new look with this short, choppy 'do — which looks amazing, whether she’s on the red carpet or doing the school run.
  • Jennifer Garner 27 of 50
    Jennifer Garner
    When Jennifer Garner first appeared on our radar, she wasn’t much more than a sweet, plain-looking girl next door. Now, she’s a bonafide red-carpet star.
  • Nicole Kidman 28 of 50
    Nicole Kidman
    The Australian actress went from harsh hair and makeup that totally didn’t suit her gorgeous fair skin to a much softer look that the cameras — and fans — absolutely love.
  • Melanie Chisholm 29 of 50
    Melanie Chisholm
    Another former Spice Girl, Melanie Chisholm (or Mel C) barely resembles her old self at all, and we’re ever so grateful. We hope the spiky hair and leather dress are gone for good!
  • Reese Witherspoon 30 of 50
    Reese Witherspoon
    Six years ago, Reese Witherspoon was a cute blonde actress who suited romantic comedies well. Now she’s a savvy A-lister who looks like she could take over Hollywood with one flash of her gorgeous smile.
  • Mariska Hargitay 31 of 50
    Mariska Hargitay
    Mariska Hargitay’s old ’do didn’t do much to help her look like a sophisticated actress (or tough detective, per her Law and Order character, for that matter), but now she embodies sophistication with a head-to-toe look that we love.
  • Tina Fey 32 of 50
    Tina Fey
    No longer just the funny gal in Hollywood, Tina Fey is a comedic goddess, regularly showing up her peers on the red carpet.
  • Madonna 33 of 50
    Madonna’s reinvented herself more times than we can count, but in recent years, she’s only gotten sexier — and no longer so "in-your-face."
  • Halle Berry 34 of 50
    Halle Berry
    We have two words for mom Halle Berry’s very drastic transformation: thank goodness.
  • Jennifer Hudson 35 of 50
    Jennifer Hudson
    The American Idol alum and Weight Watchers spokesperson trimmed down to a perfectly curvy size. And along with the weight loss, Hudson stepped her look up to become one hot mama.
  • Fantasia Barrino 36 of 50
    Fantasia Barrino
    Another American Idol mom, Fantasia Barrino had a not-so-great spiky hair-do when she emerged from the TV contest a winner. Now, she can hold her own on the red carpet with the best of ’em, sporting a tricked-out look that’s undeniably Hollywood.
  • Pink 37 of 50
    Once upon a time, this rocker had over-the-top neon hair to match her name. Lately, she’s been going with platinum blonde locks, classing up her look as a new mom while still keeping her rock-star style.
  • Sarah Chalke 38 of 50
    Sarah Chalke
    At some point during her rise to fame as a star on Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother, Sarah Chalke ditched that weird school-girl look for a seriously sexy image.
  • Sandra Bullock 39 of 50
    Sandra Bullock
    There’s no question Sandra Bullock has always been gorgeous. She so didn’t need that dramatic blue and silver eye makeup and extreme ponytail to catch America’s eyes.
  • Salma Hayek 40 of 50
    Salma Hayek
    Looking at the unbelievably stylish Salma Hayek nowadays, it’s hard to believe the actress ever stepped out with a less-than-stunning hairstyle and awkward ankle-length dress.
  • Geri Halliwell 41 of 50
    Geri Halliwell
    Yep, another Spice Girl. As recently as the group’s reunion tour in 2007, Geri Halliwell baffled us with her strange peasant dress, but now she rocks her killer curves and gorgeous face with a fresh wardrobe and hairstyle.
  • Rebecca Romijn 42 of 50
    Rebecca Romijn
    Okay, she’s a supermodel so she’s always looked great. But back when her last name still had “Stamos” attached to it, Rebecca Romijn tried a bit too hard to be edgy. We much prefer her more recent head-to-toe choices.
  • Rachel Weisz 43 of 50
    Rachel Weisz
    Rachel Weisz went from being an awkward-looking, fresh-faced actress to a red-carpet stunner.
  • Naomi Watts 44 of 50
    Naomi Watts
    Years ago, Naomi Watts could’ve blended in with a number of blonde girls-next-door. Now, there’s no mistaking this stunning mom; she stands out fabulously.
  • Jessica Alba 45 of 50
    Jessica Alba
    And we thought Jessica Alba was always as perfect and glamorous-looking as she is now. Just one question: What was with the greasy hair on the red carpet?
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal 46 of 50
    Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Several years ago, Maggie Gyllenhaal looked like a little girl playing an actress on the red carpet. Now, she’s a stunning style icon whose face glows every time the camera hits it.
  • Katherine Heigl 47 of 50
    Katherine Heigl
    Long before Katherine Heigl was Izzy on Grey’s Anatomy, she was Izzy on Roswell, playing a teenage alien misplaced on Earth. And, well, she kind of looked the part — young and
    slightly off-base.
  • Idina Menzel 48 of 50
    Idina Menzel
    When Idina Menzel was a lesser-known Broadway beauty, her look was significantly more toned-down. Now that she’s hit it big (in movies like Rent and Enchanted and TV shows like Glee), she’s stepped up her image, too.
  • Teri Hatcher 49 of 50
    Teri Hatcher
    Pre-Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher didn’t seem to understand the idea of “leaving it to the imagination.” But, like Demi Moore, she’s gotten better with age, looking classier and much
    more beautiful.
  • Natalie Portman 50 of 50
    Natalie Portman
    Back in her younger days, Natalie Portman showed up on the red carpet with some daring looks (who could forget her shaved head for the film V for Vendetta?). Since then, she’s grown out her long locks again and has taken on an elegant and mature style to fit her newest role — a proud mama to baby boy, Aleph.

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