Celebrity Moms Who Smoke: From Katie Holmes to Gwyneth and J-Lo, Secret Smokers that will Shock You (Photos)

CELEB SMOKERS: Jessica Alba holds a cell phone in one hand a cigarette in the other while out shopping with a friend in SohoMy husband recently quit smoking after lighting up for well over half his life.

It was rough going.  So I know (second-hand) how hard it can be to kick the habit.  His main motivating factor was our children.  Our daughter, Violet, is 3 and Henry just turned 1-year-old.  Serge realized that if he quit now Violet will never remember him smoking.  Won’t necessarily even know he was a smoker unless we tell her.  It’s been three months.

My point is, I married a smoker.  So I’m not rounding up these moms who smoke in some effort to shame them.  Is pointing out someone as a smoker a mean thing to do?  I don’t think so but I don’t know.  I just find it fascinating to see how far some celebs go to maintain some sort of “clean” image to the public.  We’ve done moms who smoke lists before here on Babble, but I think a lot of the women on this list will surprise you.  There are some obvious smokers like Uma Thurman who has never really hidden the fact that she lights up and then you have secret smokers like Katie Holmes.  A photo of Suri’s mom holding a cigarette is nearly as rare as spotting Courtney Love without one.

It interests me that many of the moms you’re about to see smoke in front of their kids.  I find it fascinating that they don’t want the public seeing them smoke but they have no problem lighting up in front of the kids when for most people, my husband included, it’s the other way around.  He’d smoke in public but always hid the habit from Violet.  He absolutely never wanted her to see him smoke.

The other thing that struck me after compiling this list is that it seems like everyone smokes.  In fact, after seeing photos of Oscar winners Julia Roberts (lighting up on set with husband Danny Moder), Sandra Bullock (lighting up on set) and new mom Charlize Theron (smoking on the street) I feel compelled to create a list of 20 Moms Who Don’t Smoke. For the record Bullock and Roberts have said they quit.

So click onward and check it out:  20 celeb moms who smoke.

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