Celeb Pets' Names

  • Reese Witherspoon | Coco Chanel and Frank Sinatra 1 of 10
    Reese Witherspoon | Coco Chanel and Frank Sinatra
    Not everyone can say they’ve lived with Coco Chanel and Frank Sinatra, but Reese Witherspoon can certainly attest to them being, well, a little furrier than you’d think. The actress named her English bulldog and French bulldog after the distinguished stars.
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  • Pete Wentz | Hemingway 2 of 10
    Pete Wentz | Hemingway
    Let us get this straight: Rocker Pete Wentz named his pooch after Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemmingway but named his son, Bronx, after a New York City borough? Interesting ...
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  • Jennifer Garner | Martha Stewart 3 of 10
    Jennifer Garner | Martha Stewart
    Guess Jennifer Garner is a huge fan of this business magnate’s empire, as shown by her choice of pet name. Do you think she feels weird each morning when she tells Martha Stewart to go outside and make pee-pee?
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  • Nicole Richie | Foxy Cleopatra 4 of 10
    Nicole Richie | Foxy Cleopatra
    Yeah, baby! Before giving birth to Harlow and Sparrow, Richie fell in love with a small Pomeranian that she named Foxy Cleopatra, presumably after Beyonce Knowles’ sassy character in spy
    spoof Austin Powers.
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  • Jessica Alba | Sid and Nancy 5 of 10
    Jessica Alba | Sid and Nancy
    When Jessica Alba looked into the wrinkly faces of her two adorable pugs, she decided to name them after tragic punk couple Sid and Nancy. Here’s hoping the dogs have better luck and don’t end up in a violent, drug-fueled relationship.
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  • Katherine Heigl | Romeo 6 of 10
    Katherine Heigl | Romeo
    “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” We can’t help but wonder if that’s what Heigl shouts any time she’s looking for her stylin’ pup.
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  • Ellen Pompeo | Valentino 7 of 10
    Ellen Pompeo | Valentino
    When speaking to People magazine about Valentino, Pompeo said he’s “the mama's boy, follows me around and wants to be held all the time.” Don’t worry — she’s talking about her poodle. Too bad her furry friend can’t score her free designer duds like his namesake.
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  • Travis Barker – Lil Kim and Q-Tip 8 of 10
    Travis Barker - Lil Kim and Q-Tip
    What made drummer Travis Barker give his German shepherd and pit bull rappers’ names? Perhaps it was the pups’ taste in hip-hop or their proclivity toward blue wigs and pasties. Either way, we’re just glad Barker’s kids got non-rap-inspired names.
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  • Kelly Ripa | Chewy 9 of 10
    Kelly Ripa | Chewy
    Regis Philbin's current co-host, Kelly Ripa, also has a dog with a famous name. Ripa often calls Chewie the "world's largest Shih Tzu,” so it makes sense that he would be named after the Star Wars Wookie. (We see the resemblance.)
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  • Ben Stein | Brigitte Bar-Dog 10 of 10
    Ben Stein | Brigitte Bar-Dog
    This celeb may not seem very excited on those "clear eyes" commercials, but he's really enthusiastic when it comes to canines. He's spoken out on the joys of pet adoption, and has a pup of his own, which he named Brigitte Bar-dog, after Brigitte Bardot, the former French actress, singer, fashion model, and animal rights activist.

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