Celebrity Dad Style: 5 Things Johnny Depp Can’t Live Without (Photos)

Johnny Depp is a creature of habit. When he’s not dressed up as a Keith Richards inspired pirate, dolled up as the Mad Hatter, or looking dapper as Willie Wonka, he is in his own costume of sorts.

Part Indiana Jones, part rock star, and yes…part pirate, Johnny Deep has a very unique and individual way of dressing, and there are five things that he relies on that he can’t live with out. ┬áCheck them out here:

The Tinted Glasses:
Johnny Depp does need to wear glasses, so it isn’t just for style. He reportedly has issues seeing at a distance and his left eye is his “bad eye.” His choice of glasses are always traditional frames with a blue/violet tint to them.

The Fedora:
This ain’t just any fedora, but the SAME fedora that he wears pretty much everywhere. It’s old, worn and even has a couple holes at the top and has really seen the world being on top of Johnny’s head.

The Scarf
Johnny loves a scarf. When he isn’t wearing a big long traditional scarf, he has what looks like a scrap of fabric wrapped around his neck.

The Jewelry:
A simple hoop in his left ear, usually about three rings and a necklace of two or even three, Johnny wells his jewelry well in a very rock star sort of way.

The Bandana:

And to finish off his look, Johnny is known to tuck a bandana into his back pocket. There is a whole bandana code that goes with putting one in your back pocket but we won’t read into it!

What is your favorite of Johnny Depp’s clothing habits?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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