Celebrity Dolls vs. Reality: Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton, and More!

This week, Mattel revealed their newest celebrity-inspired Barbie: the Jennifer Lopez doll. But the doll is garnering mixed reviews for one big reason — she doesn’t have a J. Lo-like body. “We created a specialty sculpt that has more enhanced curves,” Robert Best, the Barbie director of design, told Yahoo! Shine. Even with the “enhanced curves,” the doll doesn’t seem curvy enough.

It is quite a challenge to create a doll that really captures the essence of the artist at hand, but that doesn’t stop toy companies from trying, trying, and trying some more. There have been dolls of actresses (like Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Williams), and there have been dolls of musicians (from Beyonce to Gwen Stefani). Some get it right, and others … not so much.

Check out these 11 celebrity dolls — which one do you think does the best job at capturing the essence of the real person?

  • Celebrity Dolls! 1 of 12

    Do these dolls capture the celebrity? Click through to see!

  • Jennifer Lopez 2 of 12
    Jennifer Lopez Barbie

    This week, Mattel revealed their brand new Jennifer Lopez doll. And while they did a pretty good job with the face, her body is far thinner than the real life Jennifer Lopez. J. Lo does not have a Barbie body. 

    Photo Source: Mattel and PR Photos

  • Heidi Klum 3 of 12
    heidi klum

    Being that Heidi Klum is a supermodel, she already has a doll-like body. But even this Barbie is thinner than a model!

    Photo Source: Amazon

  • Jennifer Lawrence 4 of 12

    The Hunger Games-inspired doll of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss really has the right wardrobe, but something about the doll's face doesn't really look like her. But it's still a pretty accurate character rendering.

    Photo Source: Toys R Us

  • Michelle Williams 5 of 12

    The doll of Michelle Williams from Oz: The Great and Powerful may have the same outfit she wore in the movie, but that's pretty much where the comparisons end. Regardless, it's a pretty cool doll!

    Photo Source: Target

  • Taylor Swift 6 of 12

    This Taylor Swift doll may have blonde hair and a guitar, but her face doesn't look at all like the real Taylor Swift.

    Photo Source: Amazon

  • Beyonce 7 of 12

    They actually did a great job with this Beyonce doll; they captured her smile and the sparkle in her eyes.

    Photo Source: Beyonce Doll via

  • Kate Middleton 8 of 12
    Kate middleton

    This Kate Middleton doll captured her smile for sure, but the head-to-body ratio is way off.

    Photo Source: New Egg Doll

  • Johnny Depp 9 of 12

    This doll may be wearing Jack Sparrow's outfit, but the face looks nothing like Johnny Depp.

    Photo Source: T.G.F. Toys

  • Kristen Stewart 10 of 12
    Twilight doll

    This Twilight-inspired doll looks far more like a brunette Barbie rather than an accurate rendering of the real Kristen Stewart.

    Photo Source: Amazon

  • Amy Adams 11 of 12

    This Giselle doll actually looks far more like the animated version of Amy Adams from Enchanted than of the live-action section.

    Photo Source: Amazon

  • Gwen Stefani 12 of 12

    This Gwen Stefani doll looks like an animated version of the pop star, with her signature hair and red lipstick.

    Photo Source: Amazon

Photo Source: PR Photos and PacificCoast News unless otherwise noted.

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