Celebrity Kids Say the Darndest Things

  • Jake Cibrian (Eddie Cibrian) 1 of 25
    Jake Cibrian (Eddie Cibrian)
    LeAnn Rimes revealed that when her boyfriend’s three-year-old son, Jake, climbs into bed with her, he’s nothing short of a charmer. “He asks me, ‘Why are you so pretty?’”
  • Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg (Soleil Moon Frye) 2 of 25
    Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg (Soleil Moon Frye)
    Actress Soleil Moon Frye’s daughter, Poet, is well-versed in the art of acting — after all, her mom’s been doing it for years. “Acting is when you don't talk regular. It’s when you talk like a grown up,” the four-year-old said.
  • Owen Branch (Michelle Branch) 3 of 25
    Owen Branch (Michelle Branch)
    When Michelle Branch asked her 5-year-old daughter, Owen, why she didn’t want to go to school, there was only one obvious answer: “’Cause I already know everything!”
  • Nahla Aubrey (Halle Berry) 4 of 25
    Nahla Aubrey (Halle Berry)
    Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla, loves blueberries, so it was no surprise when she referred to her mom as “Halle Blueberry!” Added Halle, “At least she didn’t call me Halle Blackberry!”
  • Isabel Ruby Lieberstein (Angela Kinsey) 5 of 25
    Isabel Ruby Lieberstein (Angela Kinsey)
    Office star Angela Kinsey’s daughter, Isabella, is obsessed with the moon. “She’ll say, ‘Hello moon. Come on down, have a seat, have some water!’ She’s like a hostess to the moon,” says Kinsey.
  • Landon Barker (Travis Barker) 6 of 25
    Landon Barker (Travis Barker)
    When rocker dad Travis Barker pulled over for a truck stop breakfast with his 6-year-old, Landon, his son noticed something about the clientele. “Dad, everybody has mustaches, and they’re smoking cigarettes,” Landon said.
  • Rain India Lexton (Marisol Nichols) 7 of 25
    Rain India Lexton (Marisol Nichols)
    Baby jet-setter Rain India Lexton loves flying. Mom, Marisol Nichols, reports that “whenever [Rain] sees a plane she says, ‘Up, up, up!’ I can’t even take her to the airport with me when I pick up friends because she cries that she’s not going on the plane.”
  • Sofia Bella Pagan (Leah Remini) 8 of 25
    Sofia Bella Pagan (Leah Remini)
    Sofia Bella is already ready for the limelight — just ask mom, Leah Remini. Remini said six-year-old Sofia told a party planner, “I want a bouncer. I want velvet ropes and a pink carpet.”
  • Liam Aaron Spelling (Tori Spelling) 9 of 25
    Liam Aaron Spelling (Tori Spelling)
    At 3 years old, Tori Spelling’s son, Liam, is already a ladies’ man. “I love girls. They just make me happy. They give me a kiss and a tickle,” Liam said via “his” Twitter account.
  • Mia Cuomo (Rivers Cuomo) 10 of 25
    Mia Cuomo (Rivers Cuomo)
    After Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo told his 3-year-old daughter that he was on TV with Donald Trump, she responded, “My friend is Donald Duck.” Too cute!
  • Honor Marie Warren (Jessica Alba) 11 of 25
    Honor Marie Warren (Jessica Alba)
    Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor, knows when she’s been bad. “Honor time out,” the two-year-old tells her mom.
  • Ryder Russell Robinson (Kate Hudson) 12 of 25
    Ryder Russell Robinson (Kate Hudson)
    Ryder Russell Robinson is one creative 5-year-old, especially when it comes to face paint. Instead of asking for superhero make-up like most of his friends, Kate Hudson’s son requested something a little bit different. “Ryder said, ‘I want a red face and white around the eyes, I want a white mouth, I want spikes, and I want yellow dots on each spike,’” Hudson said. “His creation.”
  • Ming and Aoki Simmons (Kimora Lee Simmons) 13 of 25
    Ming and Aoki Simmons (Kimora Lee Simmons)
    Ming and Aoki Simmons aren’t teens yet, but they don’t want to be treated like little girls, especially when mom, Kimora Lee Simmons, schedules their playdates. “No, Ma! We want to hang out,” the girls said. “We don’t say ‘playdate’ anymore.”
  • Naleigh Kelley (Katherine Heigl) 14 of 25
    Naleigh Kelley (Katherine Heigl)
    Katherine Heigl’s 20-month-old daughter, Naleigh, can’t say much, but when she does talk, she’s always agreeable. According to Heigl, her favorite phrase is “Oh yeah.”
  • Lola Rose Sheen (Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards) 15 of 25
    Lola Rose Sheen (Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards)
    When Denise asked her daughter why she was so messy, she replied, "I was born that way."
  • James Wilke Broderick (Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick) 16 of 25
    James Wilke Broderick (Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick)
    When Sarah Jessica Parker’s son saw the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road album cover, he asked her, "Mama, why would Paul McCartney want to not wear shoes when he’s walking on the street?"
  • Brady Hart Wilkerson (Melissa Joan Hart) 17 of 25
    Brady Hart Wilkerson (Melissa Joan Hart)
    A la Captain Jack Sparrow, Melissa Joan Hart tweeted that her 3-year-old son told her 5-year-old, “You need to find yourself a girl."
  • Willow Smith (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith) 18 of 25
    Willow Smith (Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith)
    A few years ago, Will Smith’s daughter asked him, “Daddy, are we rich?” to which he responded, “No, baby, you’re broke. Daddy worked really hard. You don't even own them clothes.” Good parenting lesson Will, but we think Willow might be onto something…
  • Maya Thurman Hawke (Uma Thurman) 19 of 25
    Maya Thurman Hawke (Uma Thurman)
    Uma’s 12-year-old daughter asked her, “Mommy, why are you being cast with all these young men?” Ooh, burn.
  • Alice Zenobia (Tina Fey) 20 of 25
    Alice Zenobia (Tina Fey)
    Tina says that one night after reading a bedtime story, her daughter, Alice, asked her when she was going to die, and then followed that up with an even more important question: “Who is in charge of the chicken nuggets when you die?”
  • Liv Helen (Julianne Moore) 21 of 25
    Liv Helen (Julianne Moore)
    At her older brother’s elementary school graduation, Julianne Moore’s daughter, Liv, said, "Mommy, I've never cried because I was happy before. I only cried because I was sad."
  • Apple Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin) 22 of 25
    Apple Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin)
    Gwyneth tweeted that before seeing a production of the Wizard of Oz, she looked at the sign and said, “Wizard of ounce!”
  • Brooklyn Beckham (David and Victoria Beckham) 23 of 25
    Brooklyn Beckham (David and Victoria Beckham)
    When the oldest Beckham boy had his first day of school in the states, the teacher asked him if he collected anything, he answered, “Yes, I collect rubbers.” Apparently, that’s what the Brits call pencil erasers. Chalk one up to lost in translation.
  • Ella Rhea (Mark Wahlberg) 24 of 25
    Ella Rhea (Mark Wahlberg)
    When asked why he stopped smoking weed, Mark said, “daughter asked what the smell was, so I told her it was a skunk. Then she said, 'Sometimes Daddy smells like that!' to me and my wife.”
  • Ricki Hendrick (Emily Maynard) 25 of 25
    Ricki Hendrick (Emily Maynard)
    Celeb mom Emily Maynard tweeted that on Ricki’s 6th birthday she asked, “Does Justin Bieber like brunettes?”

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