50 Best Celebrity Kid Halloween Costumes

  • Max Bratman 1 of 50

    Max Bratman and mom, Christina Aguilera, make a spooky skeleton duo.

  • Dakota Fanning 2 of 50
    Back when she was a child actress, Dakota Fanning earned major points with us with her intense Halloween costume.
  • Kingston Rossdale 3 of 50
    Gwen Stefani’s oldest son looks super cute (and super warm!) in his head-to-toe dinosaur costume.
  • Zuma Rossdale 4 of 50
    Our favorite part of Zuma Rossdale’s animal costume? The pointy eyebrows!
  • Willow Smith 5 of 50
    Halloween fairy? Enchanted spider? Whatever she was, Willow Smith absolutely shined on the red carpet in her elaborate getup.
  • Bella Thorne 6 of 50
    Child actress and model Bella Thorne looked beautiful as Little Red Riding Hood at an L.A. Halloween carnival.
  • Georges and Juliana Marini 7 of 50
    Actor Gilles Marini’s kids, Georges and Juliana, stole the spotlight from dad when they showed up on the red carpet in adorable military and pirate costumes.
  • Kathryn Newton 8 of 50
    How cute is child star Kathryn Newton’s Alice in Wonderland costume? We’re in love with the big black bow that tops her blonde ringlets!
  • Noah Cyrus 9 of 50
    We love how elaborate Noah Cyrus’ witch costume is, though it could be a bit, ahem, lengthier for a kid’s Halloween look.
  • Emily Grace 10 of 50
    Emily Grace, here with bud Noah Cyrus, glows as a girly red and black ladybug.
  • Ryan Newman 11 of 50
    One of the cutest Minnie Mouse costumes we’ve seen! Props to whoever helped Ryan Newman get dressed for Halloween this time!
  • Slater Josiah and Bronwyn Golden Vance 12 of 50
    Angela Bassett’s kids may win the most adorable furry costumes awards.
  • Ava Priestley 13 of 50
    While dad Jason Priestley’s costume is pretty good, we’re partial to Ava’s Uncle Sam look.
  • Sammi Hanratty 14 of 50
    It’s hard to see Sammi Hanratty as a tough pirate with that smile and those ringlets.
  • Bridget and Maddie Barrera 15 of 50
    Wizards of Waverly Place star Maria Canals Barrera fits right in with her two angelic daughters, Bridget and Maddie.
  • Milo Langdon 16 of 50
    Even mom Liv Tyler looks pretty entertained by son, Milo’s, Batman costume.
  • Elle Fanning 17 of 50
    From the hat to the suitcase, Elle Fanning’s Mary Poppins outfit is spot on.
  • Ariel Gade 18 of 50
    Hands down. Cutest. Willy. Wonka. Ever.
  • Elle Fanning 19 of 50
    Dakota’s sister, Elle Fanning, strikes again. This time, she wows us with a hilarious Marilyn Monroe costume.
  • Spencer Breslin 20 of 50
    Abigail’s brother, Spencer Breslin, as Little Rascals’ Alfafa? Perfect. We cannot get enough of that hair sprout!
  • Abigail Breslin 21 of 50
    Abigail Breslin is just as cute as her brother, though she pulls off the Wednesday Addams look a little too sweetly.
  • Daryl Sabara 22 of 50
    He looks like he’s been plucked right out of MarioKart!
  • Kaia Jordan Gerber 23 of 50
    Cindy Crawford’s daughter could be a stunt-double at Disneyworld.
  • Madylin Sweeten 24 of 50
    If acting doesn’t work out, child star Madylin Sweeten could work the Renaissance Fair circuit!
  • Finn Burns 25 of 50
    Ed Burns and Christy Turlington’s son, Finn, makes a super cute pirate, holding on to dad’s hand during a Halloween trick-or-treating trip.
  • Jack Rudd 26 of 50
    We can’t resist Paul Rudd’s son, Jack, as a cape-donning vampire.
  • Charlie Sisto 27 of 50
    Charlie Sisto bundles up as a leopard while (literally) hanging out with dad, Jeremy, on Halloween.
  • Olive Cohen 28 of 50
    While we love Isla Fisher’s cat costume, it’s her daughter, Olive, who really steals our heart as a witch.
  • Rowan Henchy 29 of 50
    Brook Shields’ daughter, Rowan, is the most sparkly mermaid in New York City.
  • Grier Hammond Henchy 30 of 50
    Shields’ other daughter, Grier, also tugs at our heartstrings with those fairy wings.
  • Susan and Samuelle Leibovitz 31 of 50
    A fairy and a school girl: Annie Leibovitz’s daughters may have chosen common costumes, but they look adorbs wearing them.
  • Violet Affleck 32 of 50
    Jennifer Garner teamed up with daughter, Violet, as dogs Ted and Fred for Halloween — hilarious!
  • Mingus Reedus 33 of 50
    Helena Christensen and her son both rock elaborate and entertaining Elvis costumes.
  • Michael Gandolfini 34 of 50
    We’re not quite sure what James Gandolfini’s son, Michael, was for Halloween — a ninja? — but we’re impressed he’s able to trick or treat with his face completely covered.
  • Milo Langdon 35 of 50
    Back when Liv Tyler’s son, Milo, was even younger, he donned a fuzzy, cuddly dragon costume and looked pretty happy wearing it.
  • Rowan Henchy 36 of 50
    Brooke Shields knows how to dress her daughters in great costumes. Rowan looks splendidly spotted as a Dalmatian.
  • Liv Freundlich 37 of 50
    That Geisha costume is amazing on Julianne Moore’s daughter!
  • Sarah Leibovitz 38 of 50
    Annie Leibovitz’s oldest daughter, Sarah, got one-on-one trick-or-treating time with mom as
    Winnie the Pooh.
  • Sean Preston Federline 39 of 50
    Not overly elaborate, but too adorable not to acknowledge.
  • Harper Spade 40 of 50
    David Spade’s daughter could compete with Elphaba on Broadway’s Wicked!
  • Ava Jackman 41 of 50
    Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness’ daughter, Ava, is a vision in pink.
  • Milo Langdon 42 of 50
    Okay, we know it’s the third time we’ve acknowledged Milo Langdon in Halloween garb — but this kid knows how to do costumes!
  • Rachel Fox 43 of 50
    Her smile alone makes this costume.
  • Emerson Rose Tenney 44 of 50
    Like mother, like daughter.
  • Grace Burns 45 of 50
    Christy Turlington and Ed Burns’ daughter, Grace, was a low-key Snow White for Halloween a few years ago — but still looked quite graceful (sorry, we had to.)
  • Zen Scott Feldman 46 of 50
    Another Winnie the Pooh costume, this time worn by Corey Feldman’s son, Zen.
  • James Wilke Broderick 47 of 50
    Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
  • Alijah Kai 48 of 50
    Is Tichina Arnold’s daughter, Alijah Kai, not the cutest fairy you’ve ever seen?
  • Maggie Rose Stewart 49 of 50
    We’re equally enthralled with Jon Stewart’s daughter, Maggie’s, princess costume, as well as how proud Dad looks toting his girl around.
  • Satyana Marie Denisof 50 of 50
    Satyana’s kangaroo costume is made 100-times cuter just by the fact that mom, Alyson Hannigan, is carrying her in her pouch.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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