Celebrity Parents Who Claim That They Don’t Have Nannies For Their Kids (Photos)

Brad Paisley doesn't have nannies help around in his house.

What’s tougher than being a celebrity? If you ask some of these people, being a celebrity parent without the help of a nanny. But these Hollywood moms and dads are not complaining though because they say they actually prefer to raise their children on their own while they still manage to balance their family lives with their careers.

From Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez to Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, there are plenty of celebrity parents out there who say they manage to parent or co-parent their children without outside help. Or so they say. Check out our photo gallery of celebrity parents who have admitted to having no nanny in the house and tell us, do you believe them?

  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony 1 of 6
    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
    I'm sure that things have since changed, but according to Marc Anthony, he and Jennifer Lopez managed to raise their twin children during their first year of their lives without the help of nannies by splitting the day into two shifts. Talk about no sleep! But kudos to them for being hands-on parents when it was most important.
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  • Ryan Phillippe 2 of 6
    Ryan Phillippe
    While Ryan Phillippe was still married to Reese Witherspoon, he said that he and Reese were hands-on parents who didn't hire nannies to help with their kids. And because of that, he said it made them better parents that ultimately raised good, well-grounded kids.
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  • Brad Paisley 3 of 6
    Brad Paisley
    Brad Paisley admitted back in 2008 that he and his wife don't have nannies, but instead rely on each other and their mothers to help with their family. He also said, "I don't care how high and mighty you are, change a diaper man," to all the dads out there.
    Source via People
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan 4 of 6
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    He might be one of the busiest actors out there in Hollywood, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan won't let that get to his head. He and his wife Hilarie raise their son Gus on their own without the help of a nanny.
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  • Sarah Jessica Parker 5 of 6
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Ok, while Sarah Jessica Parker shouldn't technically be on this list because of the number of times we've seen her out and about with her nannies, she did admit that she doesn't have a nanny around to help everyday. Hey, at least she's honest!
    Source via Celebitchy
  • Melissa Gorga 6 of 6
    Melissa Gorga
    Apparently this New Jersey housewife can do it all! Melissa admitted last year to having no housekeepers, no cooks, and no nannies to help raise her family.
    Source via Celebrity Baby Scoop

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