Celebrity Pregnancy Conspiracies

  • Jessica Simpson 1 of 10
    Jessica Simpson
    After endless "Is she or isn't she?" speculation, Jessica Simpson made a Halloween announcement on her website saying, "It's true — I'm going to be a mummy!" along with professional shots of her dressed in a mummy costume. Bad Halloween puns aside, the announcement squashed the rumors that Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson, was making her wait to announce her pregnancy until she received a $500,000 magazine deal.
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  • Beyonce 2 of 10
    Recent rumors say Beyonce’s pregnancy is just an elaborate publicity stunt and that she actually has a surrogate who’s carrying her baby. We know it can be hard to believe that an idol as major and fabulous as Beyonce is in fact human (gasp!) and can birth a child just like any other woman, but so far, Beyonce is doing her best on media appearances to convince everyone that the bump
    is all baby.
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  • Katie Holmes 3 of 10
    Katie Holmes
    Beyonce isn’t the first celeb to have the media call “fake” on her. When Katie was pregnant with Suri in 2006, many were convinced that it was all a hoax. Even after Katie actually gave birth and was photographed with Suri, the rumors persisted. This year, reporters were singing a different tune when a paparazzi shot of Katie with just a hint of a belly caused pregnancy rumors to spark.
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  • Jennifer Aniston 4 of 10
    Jennifer Aniston
    This Friends star has been through the pregnancy rumor mill so many times that it’s hard to believe she hasn’t gone all Sean Penn and started attacking reporters and paparazzi. The latest headlines of “OMG look at Jen’s belly!” have, once again, caused Jennifer and her reps to deny the bun-in-the-oven rumors, though Jen did acknowledge her recent weight gain.
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  • January Jones 5 of 10
    January Jones
    Ever since January announced her pregnancy last April, the media has been speculating on who the baby daddy is, considering she split from former boyfriend Jason Sudekis at the beginning of 2011. Guesses have ranged anywhere from Jason himself to Bobby Flay to Ashton Kutcher, but January has kept quiet on the father’s identity. Other former boyfriends include Jeremy Piven, Adrian Brody, Jim Carrey, singer Josh Groban, and oil heir Brandon Davis. Looks like the men are going mad over this Mad Men star!
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  • Sarah Palin 6 of 10
    Sarah Palin
    During the 2008 election, controversy stirred about whether VP candidate Sarah Palin’s infant son, Trig, was her own (as she claimed) or actually the son of her then-pregnant daughter, Bristol. And although many in America were demanding a Maury-style investigation and declaration of “Sarah Palin, you are not the mother!” even Barack Obama’s campaign shook their heads at the rumors and considered the topic entirely off-limits during political debates.
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  • Kelly Preston 7 of 10
    Kelly Preston
    While Preston and husband John Travolta excitedly reported the birth of daughter Ella Bleu in November of 2010, the birth immediately had gossip rags speculating whether or not it was actually Preston herself who went through the pregnancy and labor. Other news sources speculated it was merely fertility treatments, and not a whole other woman, who helped Preston through
    those nine months.
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  • Kristen Stewart 8 of 10
    Kristen Stewart
    What’s more exciting for Twilight fans than the relationship between Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella) and Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward)? Rumors that Kristen was pregnant with Robert’s baby went so far as to suggest that their real-life baby-to-be could play Bella and Edward’s child in Twilight on screen. Woah. Alas, the R-Patt and K-Stew baby was not to be … yet, anyway.
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  • Mary-Kate Olsen 9 of 10
    Mary-Kate Olsen
    After a struggle with anorexia, Mary-Kate Olsen was seen out and about in 2008 looking a little rounder than usual, and rather than just assuming Mary-Kate had finally reached a healthy weight, talk of babies and pregnancy started up! It was all for naught though because time revealed that Mary-Kate was not having a baby.
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  • Kate Middleton 10 of 10
    Kate Middleton
    Considering it’s pretty much the princess' job to produce an heir for the throne, Kate’s baby-making news is under extra scrutiny. The mags have been going crazy ever since Will and Kate tied the knot, claiming all kinds of wild pregnancy rumors (including one in which she announced her pregnancy 5 days after the wedding!). Kate’s recent weight loss and extra slender frame has made magazines start questioning her ability to have kids though. Happily ever after is
    tougher than it looks…
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