Pregnant at 40

  • Kelly Preston 1 of 40
    Kelly Preston
    Tragedy struck John Travolta and Kelly Preston when their 16-year-old son, Jett, suddenly died in 2009. The family continues to heal, which has hopefully become easier since baby Benjamin came onto the scene. Kelly was 47 when she gave birth (in complete silence!) to the little guy.
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  • Celine Dion 2 of 40
    Celine Dion
    Although we didn’t know about it at the time, Celine Dion had a very hard time getting pregnant the second time around. On a very revealing episode of Oprah, Dion told the host she had suffered a miscarriage and experienced four unsuccessful IVF attempts. Eventually, however, Celine Dion was able to get pregnant and gave birth to twin boys at age 42.
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  • Halle Berry 3 of 40
    Halle Berry
    Halle Berry continues to prove she has it all. She is painstakingly beautiful, she holds an Academy Award and at 41 she had a baby with a gorgeous male model who is almost a decade younger than her!
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  • Marcia Cross 4 of 40
    Marcia Cross
    When Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross gave birth at age 44 to twin girls, all did not go smoothly. “My eyesight started going, and I gained 12 pounds in one week. Both are symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a complication that is life-threatening for mother and baby.” Luckily, both mom and babies made it through the C-section delivery fine, but Cross has vowed not to have more children.
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  • Julianne Moore 5 of 40
    Julianne Moore
    It’s hard to believe Julianne Moore is in her 50s, but maybe it’s her young kids that keep her looking youthful. She gave birth to her second child at 41.
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  • Susan Sarandon 6 of 40
    Susan Sarandon
    Susan was once told she was unable to have children, but she beat the odds and had three kids — two of them while in her 40s — with former partner Tim Robbins.
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  • Geena Davis 7 of 40
    Geena Davis
    This actress and Mensa genius didn’t have her first child until age 46 and then followed up with twins just two years later. Is there anything she can’t do?
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  • Brooke Shields 8 of 40
    Brooke Shields
    Maybe things do get better with age. Film siren Brooke Shields gave birth to her youngest daughter, Grier, at 41. And luckily, postpartum depression wasn’t an issue this time around like it was after the birth of her first daughter, Rowan, years earlier.
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  • Nicole Kidman 9 of 40
    Nicole Kidman
    Thank goodness for the movie Australia! During filming, Nicole Kidman became pregnant and gave birth for the first time at 41 to Sunday Rose. In 2010 Kidman became a biological mom for a second time, this time through surrogacy.
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  • Salma Hayek 10 of 40
    Salma Hayek
    Actress Salma Hayek celebrated a lot of firsts in her 40s: first time to be engaged, first time to get married, and first time to have a baby (just not in that order). We imagine she’s enjoying her 40s quite well.
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  • Lisa Loeb 11 of 40
    Lisa Loeb
    Does anyone remember Lisa Loeb’s short-lived reality series about her looking for love? Things eventually worked out for the singer/songwriter when at age 40 she got married and a year later gave birth to a baby girl.
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  • Helen Hunt 12 of 40
    Helen Hunt
    Helen Hunt won an Emmy for the popular show Mad About You, and she won an Academy Award for her role in As Good As It Gets. The actress hit another milestone in 2004 when she gave birth to her first child at 40.
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  • Meryl Streep 13 of 40
    Meryl Streep
    Meryl Streep is one of those rare celebrities whose personal life we know very little about. What is known is that she has four children, and the youngest of those children was born when Streep was 41. That last birth took place in 1991, way before it was considered cool to have a child in your 40s. In that way, Streep can be considered a trendsetter of sorts.
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  • Emma Thompson 14 of 40
    Emma Thompson
    With the help of in vitro fertilization, Emma Thompson, 40 at the time, was finally able to give birth to a little girl after years of trying. Later, Emma admitted to continuing to struggle to have another child, but further in vitro fertilization was unsuccessful.
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  • Iman 15 of 40
    Always original, Iman and David Bowie had children together later in life. The supermodel was 45 when she gave birth to a baby girl. Bowie was 53.
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  • Marcia Gay Harden 16 of 40
    Marcia Gay Harden
    You may remember a very pregnant Marcia Gay Harden at the 2004 Oscars. Not only did she look beautiful, but she looked as if she could give birth at any moment. Soon after the awards, the 44-year-old actress gave birth to twins.
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  • J.K. Rowling 17 of 40
    J.K. Rowling
    For Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, success came later in life. Not only did she create a wildly successful book series, but she got married and had more children. The Brit gave birth to her third child at the age of 40.
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  • Jane Seymour 18 of 40
    Jane Seymour
    We know her as Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman, but at home she’s just Mom. Jane Seymour was 44 when she gave birth to twins, Johnny and Kris. As it turns out, the kids were named for family friends Johnny Cash and Christopher Reeve.
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  • Christie Brinkley 19 of 40
    Christie Brinkley
    Former supermodel Christie Brinkley is 57, but she isn’t letting age slow her down one bit. She’s currently taking her good looks and voice (who knew?) on Broadway as she stars in Chicago as Roxie Hart. Having two babies in her 40s obviously had a good effect on Brinkley.
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  • Holly Hunter 20 of 40
    Holly Hunter
    Twins are certainly a theme with these moms! Holly Hunter gave birth to her set of twin boys in 2006 when she was 47. They were the first children for the Oscar winning actress and her partner, Gordon MacDonald.
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  • Naomi Watts 21 of 40
    Naomi Watts
    Actress Naomi Watts began her 40th year by giving birth to her second son with Liev Schreiber. Just one more thing she and her best friend, Nicole Kidman, can share.
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  • Annette Bening 22 of 40
    Annette Bening
    Annette Bening is known as beautiful, talented and the woman that got Warren Beatty to settle down. The pair have been happily married since 1992. She gave birth to their fourth child at the age of 42.
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  • Mary Louise Parker 23 of 40
    Mary Louise Parker
    Mary Louise Parker was 40 and pregnant with Billy Crudup’s child when he reportedly left her for his then co-star, Claire Danes. The Weeds star still somehow managed to find it in her heart to name their baby after him.
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  • Molly Ringwald 24 of 40
    Molly Ringwald
    Former Brat Packer Molly Ringwald is our sixth redhead on this list! The actress was 41 when she gave birth to fraternal twins two years ago.
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  • Mary Stuart Masterson 25 of 40
    Mary Stuart Masterson
    Actress Mary Stuart Masterson was 43 when she gave birth to her first son with Army Wives actor Jeremy Davidson.
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  • Mira Sorvino 26 of 40
    Mira Sorvino
    At 41, Mira Sorvino gave birth to a “miracle baby.” Her pregnancy was full of complications, including a blood clot, bed rest and weeks in the hospital. In the end, both Sorvino and her son were healthy and happy.
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  • Kelly Rutherford 27 of 40
    Kelly Rutherford
    At 41, Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford gave her 2-year-old son a little sister. Sadly, Rutherford’s pregnancy was overshadowed by a bitter custody battle with her now ex-husband.
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  • Helena Bonham Carter 28 of 40
    Helena Bonham Carter
    Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton make for one wacky couple. When not making box office hits like Alice in Wonderland, the couple raises their two children. Helena gave birth to their second child at 41.
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  • Mariah Carey 29 of 40
    Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey, 42, recently gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe. Hubby Nick Cannon has described life with Mariah and the babies as “low-key,” but considering their lavish nursery and lifestyle, we’re thinking it’s anything but.
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  • Jennifer Connelly 30 of 40
    Jennifer Connelly
    Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany are one of the few couples that the public knows little about. What we do know is that shortly after celebrating her 40th birthday, Connelly announced she was pregnant with the couple's third child and recently gave birth to a baby girl this summer.
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  • Jane Krakowski 31 of 40
    Jane Krakowski
    When Jane Krakowski doesn’t have us laughing on 30 Rock, she is spending time with baby Bennett and her hubby-to-be. Soon after getting engaged, the actress gave birth to their son at the age of 42.
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  • Monica Belluci 32 of 40
    Monica Belluci
    This Italian siren isn’t slowing down one bit in her 40s. The Passion of the Christ star gave birth at 45 to her second child with Ocean’s Twelve actor Vincent Cassel.
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  • Jane Kaczmarek 33 of 40
    Jane Kaczmarek
    We were all saddened when Malcolm in the Middle star and her husband, Bradley Whitford, announced their divorce. The couple shared 17 years of marriage and three children. The actress gave birth to all three children in her 40s.
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  • Cherie Blair 34 of 40
    Cherie Blair
    The former England Prime Minister’s wife gave birth to three children in the 1980s. In 2000, Cherie gave birth to another at age 46.
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  • Madonna 35 of 40
    Madonna continues to defy age — just look at her body! The material girl gave birth to Rocco, her son with Director Guy Ritchie, when she was 41. At 48, Madge was able to add another child to her brood. She adopted David, who was one at the time, from Malawi.
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  • Jerry Hall 36 of 40
    Jerry Hall
    Jerry Hall is an actress and a model, but the blonde beauty is most known for her common-law marriage to rockstar Mick Jaggar. The pair had four children together, the youngest when Jerry was 41.
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  • Beverly DAngelo 37 of 40
    Beverly DAngelo
    Family Vacation star Beverly D’Angelo was almost 50 when she got pregnant for the second time. She had been dating Al Pacino for four years when she gave birth to their twins. Unfortunately, Pacino and the Entourage actress broke things off soon after.
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  • Jennifer Beals 38 of 40
    Jennifer Beals
    She starred in the hit show The L Word, but Jennifer Beals will always be known for her role in Flashdance. In 2005, at 41, Beals gave birth to her first child, a girl.
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  • Courteney Cox Arquette 39 of 40
    Courteney Cox Arquette
    Courteney Cox gave birth just days before her 40th birthday, so we are technically cheating with this one, but rules schmules! Courteney finally got the baby she and David Arquette had been trying for for so long when Coco arrived.
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  • Tina Fey 40 of 40
    Tina Fey
    Although she has yet to give birth, Tina Fey will be 40 when she’s due to have her second child this summer. Fey already has a 5-year-old daughter, Alice, who is the subject of some hilarious stories, so we can’t wait for another Fey baby!
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