• April Fools! Top 12 celebrity rumors people actually believed 1 of 13
  • North West — the next trending Hollywood baby name? 2 of 13
    When Kimye announced they were expecting, everyone from reality TV junkies to mommy bloggers alike began wondering what unique moniker they'd choose for their little one. Well, if recent reports reign true, they may have selected a name that'll take their baby straight to the top: North (as in North West). Though the couple hasn't confirmed whether it's true, we won't have to wait in suspense much longer — Kim is reportedly expecting her bundle of joy this July. Until then …
  • Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are headed for divorce 3 of 13
    Every couple of years, tabloids go amuck with rumors that this power couple is headed for splitsville. But the duo, who have been married for more than 15 years, aren't headed there anytime soon, Pinkett Smith says. "That's my boo. It's like he's another part of me," she told Essence last year.
  • Jennifer Aniston is expecting 4 of 13
    Time and time again, newsstand headlines have declared the Friends star pregnant, but they've never held true. Jen has been in the pregnancy spotlight for a while — some even speculated she and ex-husband Brad Pitt split because the actress didn't want a brood of her own. However, Aniston's now with fiance Justin Theroux, so maybe there's a bump in the future for our favorite girl next door.
  • Not-so-neighborly Fred Rogers, ex-marine sniper 5 of 13
    Not-so-neighborly Fred Rogers, ex-marine sniper
    Rumor says the beloved Mr. Rogers served as a Vietnam War sharpshooter, making over 150 kills before trading in his camo for cardigans. In reality, Fred was every bit as gentle-spirited as his TV persona and never served a day in the armed forces.
  • Bill Gates, prince of darkness 6 of 13
    Bill Gates, prince of darkness
    Someone figured out that if you convert Bill Gates III (his full name) to ASCII code and add up all the numbers, it equals 666. Microsoft glitches and meltdowns can feel like a little bit of hell on earth, but we find it hard to believe that the Prince of Doom would donate his $58 billion fortune to charity.
  • Walt Disney “chilling” in Disneyland 7 of 13
    Walt Disney "chilling" in Disneyland
    Urban legend goes that Walt Disney had himself frozen and stored in a deep-freezer chamber underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where he's biding his time until he can be brought back to life. In actuality, documentation shows that his ashes were spread over Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California.
  • Beyoncé and the Phantom Bump 8 of 13
    Perpetually pregnant Beyonc
    Who runs the world? Beyoncé. But the singer can't catch a break when it comes to pregnancy rumors. Throughout her career, she's had to deny being with child. When she finally got pregnant, out came gossip about prosthetic bumps and a secret surrogate. Blue Ivy Carter, an undeniable blend of her two famous parents, was born January 7, 2012. Beyoncé's motherly glow — and ample nursing-mama bosom — look like the real deal.
  • Suri? More like surreal! 9 of 13
    Suri? More like surreal!
    After the birth of Suri Cruise, many were convinced that it was all a publicity stunt. This rumor died away as she grew into a very real little girl, but perhaps there’ are still some hardcore conspiracy theorists out there claiming she'’s actually an elaborate hologram.
  • Paul is dead 10 of 13
    Paul is dead
    What started as a satirical review of The Beatles' "Abbey Road" album by a University of Michigan student in 1969 soon became national news as newspapers and magazines picked up on "clues" that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash and replaced by a look-a-like.
  • Bill Cosby dies on Twitter again 11 of 13
    Bill Cosby dies on Twitteragain
    In 2010, Cosby "died" twice on Twitter. Though we were a little disappointed he didn't debunk the rumor by tweeting back "J-E-L-L-O, I'm alive!" it's understandable that he had trouble finding humor in the situation, since the rumors may have given his family a scare.
  • Stephanie Seymour goes Oedipal? 12 of 13
    Stephanie Seymour goes oedipal?
    When pictures surfaced of model Stephanie Seymour and her teenage son embracing on the beach, many called it incest, and although there is still some controversy over how close is too close, Stephanie's son debunked the rumor by coming out of the closet and says they are just a very affectionate family.
  • Brangelina calls it splitsville 13 of 13
    Brangelina calls it splitsville
    In 2010, Brad and Angelina sued News of the World for reporting that the famous Hollywood duo had met with a divorce attorney. After winning the suit, the pair donated their winnings Robin Hood-style to their charity, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

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