50 Best Celebrity Parenting Tweets

  • Neil Patrick Harris 1 of 50
    Neil Patrick Harris
    “Gideon & Harper are 9 months old today. Having a low key party. 400 people. Viper room. Slam dancing. Pitbull is performing. Should be dope.” @ActuallyNPH
  • Mark Hoppus 2 of 50
    Mark Hoppus
    “timeouts don't work, so my new threat as a parent is 'i'll send you a request to join me on linkedin!' works every time.” @markhoppus
  • Conan O’Brien 3 of 50
    Conan O'Brien
    “Children grow up so fast. One day they’re taking their 1st steps, the next they’re taken away after a judge rules you’re a negligent parent.” @ConanObrien
  • Michelle Branch 4 of 50
    Michelle Branch
    “My daughter is begging to do math problems before bedtime in leui of reading a book. Huh!? #NotMyChild” @michellebranch
  • Jewel 5 of 50
    “Just used the spoon I used on George's canned dog food, to stir my smoothie #Gross #MommyBrain” @jeweljk
  • Rachel Dratch 6 of 50
    Rachel Dratch
    “Heading back to ny after a month away. Trying to entertain baby on 4hour car ride. Playing w the string on my shirt only kills 5 mins, max” @therealdratch
  • Busy Philipps 7 of 50
    Busy Philipps
    “When I told my daughter we were taking her to the Happiest Place on Earth today, she deadpanned, ‘London?’ Genius.” @BusyPhilipps25
  • Pink 8 of 50
    “just tried 2do yoga class w/ a 6 wk old.even dressed her in buddha onesie thinking it'd keep her calm. wrong. so wrong. no dwnwrd dog 4 me:)” @Pink
  • David Schwimmer 9 of 50
    David Schwimmer
    “what up! been buried in diapers, but having a blast... btw, don't piss my little girl off — she's got great aim and projectile poo.” @DavidSchwimmer
  • Bethenny Frankel 10 of 50
    Bethenny Frankel
    “Bryn met a 6 yr old boy who picks her flowers&she calls them "wawas."Can I arrange their marriage?he said he'll marry at 20 when he's OLD!” @Bethenny
  • Denise Richards 11 of 50
    Denise Richards
    “I asked my daughter Lola why she's so messy she said "I was born that way" I didn't quite know what to say after!” @DENISE_RICHARDS
  • Ivanka Trump 12 of 50
    Ivanka Trump
    “Forgot to cancel my training session this AM. Weight lifting 2 days before my due date was semi comical..let's say that I wasn't at my best!” @IvankaTrump
  • Deanna Daughtry 13 of 50
    Deanna Daughtry
    “Noah was a party animal last night so mommy didn't get enough sleep which means mommy didn't do her workout & mommy is now craving pancakes.” “& mommy may need a nap cause she is feeling a little grumpy & keeps calling herself mommy on twitter.” @Mrsdaughtry
  • Alyson Hannigan 14 of 50
    Alyson Hannigan
    “What did I do at work today you asked? Well I ate a popsicle (mango with mint) and that's about it. Okay you didn't really ask.” @alydenisof
  • Cash Warren 15 of 50
    Cash Warren
    “my daughter looks like me but her personality is all @jessicaalba - one look at Jessica's closet and you'll know why Honor shares sooo well” @cash_warren
  • Jessica Alba 16 of 50
    Jessica Alba
    “Teaching my daughter 2 stop saying "I want...." And sharing w her friends -Im finding is nearly impossible. She's def related 2 @cash_warren” @jessicaalba
  • Gwyneth Paltrow 17 of 50
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    “Just leaving super fun production of the wizard of oz. Apple saw the sign and called it wizard of ounce. Brilliant.” @GwynethPaltrow
  • Drew Lachey 18 of 50
    Drew Lachey
    “Why do my kids seem to always know when I need to get up early and decide that those are the nights that they don't want to sleep? #tired” @thedrewlachey
  • Elizabeth Banks 19 of 50
    Elizabeth Banks
    “Joining J Lo, Cameron Diaz and the rest of the awesome cast of What To Expect When You're Expecting! Let's have babies together!” @ElizabethBanks
  • Idina Menzel 20 of 50
    Idina Menzel
    “qjkqiuq” “sorry my son is tweeting for me lately. i swear i just noticed it. so funny.” @idinamenzel
  • Joey Mcintyre 21 of 50
    Joey Mcintyre
    “1st nite watching the baby...Oy! My wife must be a robot cuz I'm a little fried today. But I wouldn't trade Kira sleeping on me all nite :)” @joeymcintyre
  • Kate Gosselin 22 of 50
    Kate Gosselin
    “GN now all! My big girls have offered to massage my back! I'm thrilled! So off to la la land I go... Tweet ya tomorrow!” @kateplusmy8
  • Kourtney Kardashian 23 of 50
    Kourtney Kardashian
    “Just saw Shrek the musical with Mason! Wow what an adorable show...we had a blast!! Such a magical night. Sleeping with our Shrek ears on.” @KourtneyKardash
  • Lisa Rinna 24 of 50
    Lisa Rinna
    “I think my child is the only one who is excited to get braces! Loves it!” @lisarinna
  • Melissa Joan Hart 25 of 50
    Melissa Joan Hart
    “I feel like I've graduated from baby mom to big boy mom 2day.Soccer camp, swim camp, speech lessons and karate.I'm an official chauffer mom!” @MellyJHart
  • Pete Wentz 26 of 50
    Pete Wentz
    “Yawn immediately followed by "I'm not tired!" lil peep in the back seat is super funny” @petewentz
  • Tony Hawk 27 of 50
    Tony Hawk
    “Me (annoyed, sternly to my 3-yr-old daughter: ‘Please stop hitting me in the head with Aurora." Her: "Ok, but can you give her a high-5?’” @tonyhawk
  • Tori Spelling 28 of 50
    Tori Spelling
    “O-M-G! Liam just said ‘mama wanna hop on and take a ride on my magic snake?’” @torianddean
  • Alicia Keys 29 of 50
    Alicia Keys
    “Whew! It's eeeearly! and i've already been up for an hour and a half!! Good morning motherhoood!;-)” @aliciakeys
  • Cindy Crawford 30 of 50
    Cindy Crawford
    “Last day of school — I don't know who's more excited — me or the kids!” @CindyCrawford
  • Lindsay Davenport 31 of 50
    Lindsay Davenport
    “At movies w/ my daughter for 1st time. Winnie the Pooh. My boys are next door at Cars2. Let's see how long we last in here.” @LDavenPort76
  • Emma Bunton 32 of 50
    Emma Bunton
    “Thought we cracked Tate sleeping through the night, so why have I been up for the last hour! Tired!” @EmmaBunton
  • Stephen Colbert 33 of 50
    Stephen Colbert
    “Easter egg hiding tip: most kids aren't allowed on the roof ;)” @stephenathome
  • Mariah Carey 34 of 50
    Mariah Carey
    “FYI- if my feet get any bigger I'm gonna start chargein 'em rent!!! (NY gansta voice:) uggggghhhhhhh” @MariahCarey
  • Jennie Finch 35 of 50
    Jennie Finch
    “Wearing all black, started my workout w/ a cup of Joe in hand, convincing myself walking IS a workout! #mypregnancy;)” @jfinch27
  • Emily Maynard 36 of 50
    Emily Maynard
    “Oh man... Ricki asked me if its true that Justin Bieber only likes brunettes. Does it really begin the DAY she turns 6?!” @RickisMommy
  • Kelis 37 of 50
    “Happy 4th of july! My baby boy pooed in his swim diaper! Lol” @iamkelis
  • Tia Mowry 38 of 50
    Tia Mowry
    “This guy sitting next 2 me smells like pickles! My heightened sense of smell is kicking in! Bad timing!!!” @TiaMowry
  • Jenny McCarthy 39 of 50
    Jenny McCarthy
    “Evan just said he's tired of people calling me Jenny McCarthy. He said, ‘tell everyone 2 call u Evan's mom, that's really who you r.’” @JennyMcCarthy
  • Taye Diggs 40 of 50
    Taye Diggs
    “What up, folks. No idea what to get the wifey for xmas. Will probably buy out Toys R Us for Walker. So much for 'not spoiling him'.” @TheTayeDiggs
  • Soleil Moon Fyre 41 of 50
    Soleil Moon Fyre
    “Questions from my 5 year old today. How many years is school? What happens after college, what's life all about?” @Moonfrye
  • Brooke Burke 42 of 50
    Brooke Burke
    “we're totally laughing about our romantic honeymoon, with 4 kids all over us!!!” @brookeburke
  • Sherri Shepherd 43 of 50
    Sherri Shepherd
    “Jeffrey –‘Sal R U my stepdaddy now?’ Sal –‘Yes Jeffrey’ ... Jeffrey –‘what shall I call U? Stepdaddy? Hmmm... I think I'll call you Daddy’” @SherriEShepherd
  • Trista Sutter 44 of 50
    Trista Sutter
    “Hysterical quote of the day = ‘if we get struck by lightning, we turn into lightbulbs’. Who told u that Max...Knox. smart boy. :)” @TristaSutter
  • Melanie Brown 45 of 50
    Melanie Brown
    “my humps my humps my lovely pregnant humps!!!” @OfficialMelB
  • Victoria Beckham 46 of 50
    Victoria Beckham
    “I have been told to wear something waterproof for my baby shower!!!!I'm now very nervous!!!!x vb” @VictoriaBeckham
  • Nia Vardalos 47 of 50
    Nia Vardalos
    “In bed cuz 4 am call. Ian just texted: found giant Disney store with daughter. Um” @niavardalos
  • Alicia Silverstone 48 of 50
    Alicia Silverstone
    “Just walked into bathroom where husband and baby are taking a bath together....doesn't get cuter than that!!!” @AliciaSilv
  • Jamie Lynn Spears 49 of 50
    Jamie Lynn Spears
    “I try doing maddies hamster (Olivia) a favor and clean her cage - she tries running away in the process #ungratefulLilbeast” @jamielynnspears
  • Padma Lakshmi 50 of 50
    Padma Lakshmi
    “Standing on the dreaded X of my first post-baby bikini shoot for the cover of Cosmo India. Ready for giant bowl of ice cream after!!” @PadmaLakshmi

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