Celebs That Send Their Kids To Public Schools: Madonna, Cynthia Nixon, Pamela Anderson And More

Celebs who send their kids to public schools.

Like many parents out there, I feel like I have a dilemma as to where I should send my children to school: should I buy a one way ticket to the poor house by putting them in a private institution or should I take the chance and put them in a local public school that is currently plagued with budget and extra-cirriculum activity cuts?

The third option of course would be to homeschool my kids, but I have them at home full-time right now and can’t wait until the day they start pre-school so I’d finally be able to go to the bathroom without having an audience watching me. You know what I mean.

Anyway, while it’s pretty obvious that many celebrities either send their kids to private schools or go the homeschooling route, there are actually some out there that have enough trust in their local public school system to send their kids there instead. Take Madonna for example. Yeah, she’s got $200 million attached to her name, but she sends her eldest daughter, Lourdes, to a public high school in New York City which I applaud her tremendously for.┬áSure, Madonna might get a lot of flack for wearing fishnets and hot pants on stage at her age, but let’s not forget: this woman is one of the smartest cookies in the entertainment business and her sending Lourdes to a public school just goes to show how much she values a normal upbringing for her kids. Kudos to her for doing so, too.

Check out our gallery of some celebrity parents who also send their kids to public schools throughout the country. You’d be surprised to see who made it on the list.

  • Pamela Anderson 1 of 10
    Pamela Anderson - who I really love as a celebrity mother for how active she is in her children's schools - sends her boys to public school in Malibu. She even volunteered to tutor kids in math and worked as a cross guard there, too. Talk about one cool mom.
  • Matt Damon 2 of 10
    Matt Damon, who happens to be a huge advocate of the public school system, and whose own mother was a teacher, sends his stepdaughters to public schools in South Florida.
  • Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli 3 of 10
    They might not be together anymore, but Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli wanted their three daughters to live a life as normal as possible away from Hollywood, and that is why they moved from Los Angeles and sent them to a public school. Gosh, I still feel sad that these two have split.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker 4 of 10
    Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are strong proponents of the public school system and send their children to a Montessori-like school in New York City.
  • Madonna 5 of 10
    She might be worth more than $200 million, but Madonna knows how much a good education is worth and that's why she sends her eldest daughter, Lourdes, to LaGuardia High School in Manhattan, which happens to be one of the best public high schools in New York City.
  • Paul McCartney 6 of 10
    Frugal parent Paul McCartney believed in the British public school system so much that he sent all of his children there while he was making fans scream around the world during his Beatles days.
  • Cynthia Nixon 7 of 10
    Not only does Cynthia Nixon send her children to a public school in New York City's Upper West Side, but she's also an active parent there too! Apparently she is a very vocal member of her kids' school PTA.
  • Keith Ricahrds 8 of 10
    He might be a Rolling Stone, but Keith Richards sent his daughters Theodora and Alexandria to a public high school in Weston, CT. Who would have ever thought that a rock star like Keith liked living in the 'burbs?
  • Demi Moore and Bruce Willis 9 of 10
    While they were still together, Demi and Bruce raised their three daughters outside of the Hollywood spotlight in a small town in Idaho instead (where Demi was able to raise them with no nannies) and sent them to get their education through Idaho's public school system.
  • Jimmy Carter 10 of 10
    Obama, take note. Jimmy Carter sent his daughter Amy to a public school in Washington, D.C. while he was President, and has been the last president to do so. Oh, how times have changed.

Sending my kids to public school: Why being part of the system is how to fix it

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