Celebs Top 10 Embarrassing Pregnancy and New Mom Moments

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Celebrity Moms Discover the Embarrassing Side of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be full of new and exhilerating experiences.  Joy and happiness abound.  Change overwhelms us and we are thrust into a brand new world of motherhood.  Unfortunately all these changes come with a whole array of uncomfortable and embarrassing moments even for the A-List celebrity mom.

Whether it’s having your moment of moring sickness captured for eternity by a paparrazi (which happened today to Lily Allen), a pregnancy fashion emergency or a moment of new mommy brain, celebrity moms are just like the rest of us relishing in the embarrassing moments that happen when you take on the title of MOM.

Here are some of our favorite embarrasing celebrity pregnancy and new mom moments:

  • Lily Allen: Morning Sickness Mayhem 1 of 10
    Lily Allen: Morning Sickness Mayhem
    Nothing quite captures the joys of pregnancy like being photographed throwing up in the street. Lily Allen got to experience this glorious moment and shared the news on Twitter writing, "Aah the joys of pregnancy, just got papped vomiting on Bond Street."
  • Pink: Vegas Baby! 2 of 10
    Pink: Vegas Baby!
    When you're expecting there are some places you just don't feel comfortable being spotted. For Pink what happens in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas when she tweeted, "Walking through a Vegas casino pregnant - I feel like a walking reminder for birth control ..."
  • Denise Richards: It’s a Gassy Situation 3 of 10
    Denise Richards: It's a Gassy Situation
    Denise Richards admitted to her most embarrasing mommy moment (not all embarrassment is reserved for pregnancy!) which included the socially unacceptible passing of gas when she told Babble, "My daughter Sam and I were at an event and she told me she passed gas. She said it quite loud!"
  • Kerri Walsh: The Big Buns 4 of 10
    Kerri Walsh: The Big Buns
    The pregnancy weight gain hits us all, even the Olympic Athletes. Olympian Kerri Walsh says of her pregnancies, "One of the scariest things about both my pregnancies has been the very large size of my buns; truly scary for a woman whose career has me living in a bikini!"
  • Marcia Cross: Banished to Bedrest 5 of 10
    Marcia Cross: Banished to Bedrest
    Bedrest is a word that most expectant moms cringe at. The thought of spending endless hours confined to bed can be more than we can take. For Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross it meant taking her work home with her literally when she was placed on bedrest while expecting her twins in 2007. Rather than close up shop or write her character off of the hit ABC, the actress temporarily filmed scenes from her own home to finish out her character's storyline for the season.
  • Katie Holmes: Those Stinking Stretch Marks 6 of 10
    Katie Holmes: Those Stinking Stretch Marks
    Katie Holmes proved to the world that she did in fact carry baby Suri in 2006 when she showed off her stretch marks during a family outing. A few little stretch marks have certainly done nothing to stop the A-List mom from showing off her curves in a bikini this summer!
  • Nicole Eggert: With Friends Like These…. 7 of 10
    Nicole Eggert: With Friends Like These....
    There's nothing like getting your secret pregnancy outed by one of your nearest and dearest. Actress Nicole Eggert learned the lesson that you can't trust everyone to keep a celebrity pregnancy on the down low when a guest at her baby shower sold photos of the event to the press. She expressed her outrage on Twitter writing, "U get invited to my home for a private event and that's what u do? Enjoy your blood money."
  • Alyssa Milano: Fashion Faux Pas 8 of 10
    Alyssa Milano: Fashion Faux Pas
    The celebrity mom is not immune to everyday fashion faux pas even if they do seem to happen in a more glamorous setting. Alyssa Milano recently addressed a hairy situation when she tweeted, "About to walk the red carpet at the #HorribleBosses premiere. I'm wearing black. Dog hair is white. Just noticed. Oops."
  • Nancy O’Dell: A Leaky Situation 9 of 10
    Nancy O'Dell: A Leaky Situation
    Sorry to say that your boobs are going to hurt in the last trimester and they may have a habit of leaking when you least want them to! That's exactly what happened to Nancy O'Dell while she was taping Access Hollywood. About the moment she says, "Who knew your breasts could leak even before you have the baby? None of my friends decided to share this information with me. So surprise, surprise, I had to find out the hard way. The first time this happened to me, I was standing on the set, getting ready to read a story when my cameraman panned his camera away."
  • Kourtney Kardashian: Mommy Brain 10 of 10
    Kourtney Kardashian: Mommy Brain
    Somewhere in your pregnancy most expectant moms find themselves facing mommy brain -- those moments when you are either so tired or overwhelmed that your brain just kind of shuts off for a moment. The bad news is that it sticks around long after your pregnancy, but you will find a way to manage it (to-do lists and post it notes everywhere!) One of those moments hit new mom Kourtney Kardashian shortly after welcoming son Mason, she explains, "It was my first time taking a taxi with Mason. I had to tell the driver to wait because I had to get the stroller out of the car. I got Mason first, threw my bags on the ground, and was trying to get the stroller out. I'm smiling and trying to open the stroller, but it wouldn't open."

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