David Boreanaz Let Mistress Rachel Uchitel Speak to His Son

Intimate text messages between married David Boreanaz and professional mistress Rachel Uchitel (Tiger Woods mistress #1) have surfaced, and it paints a pretty desperate picture of Uchitel. Well, she doesn’t like that — and is here to tell us that he pursued her not the other way around thank-you-very-much.  And one of the ways she and her pitbull lawyer Gloria Allred are doing that is by proving to the world Boreanaz loved her, such as providing details that Boreanaz put his son, Jaden, now 8, on the phone with Uchitel, a sure sign he planned to leave his wife.

Uchitel released the following statements: “For reasons unknown to me I believe that someone is deliberately trying to portray me in a false light. These texts should not have been published. I am in possession of many authentic text messages between David and myself which portray a completely different picture than the one based upon the texts that have been published today…First of all I want to make it clear that he pursued me. Second, the authentic texts which I have reveal that David Boreanaz repeatedly expressed his deep love and  affection towards me. Third, I broke off the relationship because I no longer respected or trusted him. Finally, I am deeply hurt and offended that anyone would think that I wanted to break up his family. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Sure, Rachel!  And, wait! There’s more!  Allred had this to say:

“Some of the reasons that she believed him include that he spoke to Ms. Uchitel on the telephone and through text messages from morning until night on a regular basis. He treated her as his girlfriend and also took her out in public. He called her between takes when he was taping his television show and put her on the telephone with his friends and his son.”

Who puts their mistress on the phone with their son??? This guy’s a gem — I can see why Uchitel wanted to steal him away so badly.

Here are the released text messages that have Uchitel so upset her stellar reputation is at stake.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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