Dr. Seuss: The Lorax Stars Talk the Power & Message of Dr. Seuss - Betty White, Zac Efron, Danny Devito

The Lorax

Dr. Seuss was many things. Clever storyteller, amazing artist, creative genius, but he also was a messenger…a messenger for Mother Earth.

One of his biggest and best odes to the environment and our earth was The Lorax. And the message of his beloved book has been retooled, renewed and recycled into a 3D blockbuster of the same name. The feature film The Lorax opens nationwide on March 2nd.

The cast of the film, which features Danny Devito, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle and the one and only Betty White. These entertainment greats sat down with a roomful of equally eco-loving bloggers and talked about the importance of Dr. Seuss’ message. What did they say?

  • Betty White 1 of 4
    Betty White
    On The Lorax: "It's all the things that I believe in and love. And I think it's a great message to send out to kids to get the thing across about appreciating trees, for example. Overall, the beautiful colors and the celebrating the environment and the caring about the environment, which is one of my big, big, big things, and the fact of looking for trees and wanting to find trees. Dr. Seuss has a way of doing, you could get into it. I hope everybody else loves it as much as those of us involved in it."

    "What I love is that we pass along that message to your offspring because they're going to be the ones passing that message on forward. And so, I think the more we can encourage, not preach, encourage appreciation of clean air and clean water and the things that, sadly, we're abusing this beautiful planet we live on as hard as we can. We have to try to get an appreciation going to stop some of that would be marvelous."

  • Zac Efron 2 of 4
    Zac Efron
    On being eco-conscious: I try and do as much as I can, but I find myself still being too wasteful."

    "But, it's those little things. I mean, plastic bottles are so convenient, and they're just the dumbest inventions in the world. And it's amazing. . But, the more I learn, the more I try and do my part."

    "Being in a film like this is one way I feel like I can contribute and plant a few seeds out there."

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    Danny Devito
    About The Lorax story: "It is a mirror in a way to what's happening all over the world, in the rainforests and in our country. And the more we can protect parks and trees and it's not an "anti logging" message at all because the main thing is what the Once-ler didn't do and how he redeemed himself was saving that seed. And when he gave the seed to the kid to take to plant, that's the message really of the movie, for us to be aware of the fact that we can make a difference, and we can still be commercially viable, and we can still do all the things that we naturally do as long as we're not hurting the environment. I don't really think we have to rely on oil myself personally. I don't think we should, anyway, in the future. I love it when people talk about capping the emissions and we've got industries that we've already started. So, we've gone along the wrong path in a lot of ways. We need to retool and figure out people's lives so that everybody has a job. The pendulum is like anything. To swing that thing, it takes a while to get it going in the right way."
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    Ed Helms
    Dr. Seuss had a really prominent sort of section on my childhood bookshelf, which is one of those decisions that your parents had to make. But, we, my brother and sister and I all just were totally enthralled with Dr. Seuss. And The Lorax in particular, for some reason, loved this book, and so did I."

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