Dress Like a Monster: Monsters University Inspired Outfits!

Soon I will be heading to the premier of Pixar’s Monsters University in Hollywood. The big question? What will I wear? The monsters of Monsters University from Mike Wazowski to Sulley to Art are all so colorful and stylish, a perfect array of  inspiration.  But how does one translate a Monster’s look into a manageable style for today’s woman? I’ve put together outfits that pay homage to the furry, one-eyed, scaled, colorful crew. Which one is your monster outfit and more importantly, which one should I wear?


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  • New Item 10 2 of 17

    Everyone loves James P. Sullivan aka Sulley, but have you ever thought of stealing his style?

  • Sulley Inspired! 3 of 17

    Here is an ode to Sulley blue and purple hue.

    We gave our Sulley a pair of J Brand Purple Jeans - Buy here for $323
    For the turquoise, we went with this ETRO Sleeveless Silk Top - Buy here for $620
    To pay homage to Sulley in school, we found this blue and white Topshop Plain Varsity Jersey Bomber Jacket  - Buy here for $70
    For his black claws, we finished this outfit off with the Adia Kibur Spike Bracelet - Buy here for $36.


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    Don Carlton - the "mature student" - may not wear much, but we found an outfit that will keep a gal covered.

  • Don Carlton Inspired 5 of 17

    The only piece of clothing that Don Carlton wears is a bright green shirt and we found this Lacoste Polo shirt that is totally "Don." Buy here for $87.
    We found these SCOTCH & SODA Chino pants that are the same hue as Don's skin tone. Buy here for $80.
    The other color he has in his skin with an off-white. We paid tribute to that with these Dolce Vita Bronx Loafer - Buy here for $115.
    Don's monstrous aspect are his octopus like tentacle and we found this white bronze ring that is perfect for our Don.  Buy here for $55
    We finished off the outfit with a pair of Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses. Buy here for $155

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    Dean Hardscrabble is stern and very proper, with a refined style.

  • Dean Hardscrabble Inspired 7 of 17

    We gave our Dean Hardscrabble an outfit inspired by her color and texture.
    The Freda Velvet blazer is an homage to her hue.  Buy here for $704.
    The Missoni Natural Brown Haircalf Pencil Skirt has a great texture for our Dean.  Buy here for $1389
    She needs a white blouse and the Reiss Camile Silk Long Sleeve Shirt is simple and stylish. Buy here $210
    These Christian Louboutin Karung Zoulou heels reflect Dean Hardscrabble's many claws. Buy here for $1695
    We finished off the outfit with a tribute to bugs with this VERNISSAGEPROJECT insect pendant. Buy here for $130.

  • Squishy 8 of 17
  • Squishy Inspired 9 of 17

    How adorable is Squishy? We gave our Squishy a cute and casual outfit.

    The Chinti and Parker Star Shoulder Sweater in Spring Green reflects Squishy's OK sweater. Buy for $445 here. 
    To reflect the yellow of his OK sweater, we found this Yellow Rope, Infinity Knot, Statement Collar Necklace from Etsy. Buy for $28 here.
    To pay homage to Squishy's skin tone we found these MANGO Sequin slim-fit jeans. Buy here for $60 here.
    Squishy looks so cute in his little green cap, we gave our Squishy a stylish fedora by Moody and Farrell. Buy for $382 here.
    And Squishy is ALL about the eyes, we found these Juicy Couture Evil Eye Stud Earring to finish off the outfit.  $38 here.


  • Terry and Terri 10 of 17

    Terry and Terri Perry may have two heads and many legs, so we won't dress for that, instead we'll dress our gal up with the standard one head, two arms, two legs body in mind.

  • Terry and Terri Inspired 11 of 17

    For Terry and Terri's sweater we found this awesome Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage long sleeve glitter top. Buy here for $337.
    To pay homage to Terry and Terri's skin tone we found these Ralph Lauren Skinny Jeans. Buy here for $197. And then paired them with these Tory Burch Chelsea Ballet Flats. Buy here for $185
    And we had to work in the two heads somehow. We found this really fancy Repossi Pink Gold Two-Row Ophydienne Ring Buy here for $5810

  • Randy Boggs 12 of 17

    Randy Boggs has beautiful skin, a great inspiration for our outfit...

  • Randy Boggs Inspired 13 of 17
    randy boggs

    To reflect Randy Bogg's scales and purple and pink skin, we found this Jewel by Lisa Print Maxi Dress. Buy here for $775
    To reflect the blue in Randy's tail, we found these Taylor Says Freddie blue heels. Buy here for $270.
    For Randall's plume like details on top of his head we paired the outfit with this Gucci Pink Textured Leather Tassel Zip Purse.Buy here for $560
    To pay homage to Randell Bogg's school days and when he wore glasses we found these Victoria Beckham Round Nite acetate sunglasses. Buy here for $450



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    Art is going to be one of the new favorite monsters, he's so funny, hilarious and adorable.  Why not look like him in real life?

  • Art Inspired 15 of 17

    For Art's two tone purple fur we found this Caban Romantic 'Tree' coat. Buy here for $607.  And we matched it with and this pair of purple J BRAND skinny jeans. Buy here for $324.
    For the shoes, we found these TOMS Purple Crochet Women's Classics. Buy here for $59
    And Art's shape was inspired by the letter A, so we finished the outfit off with this Jennifer Meyer Diamond Letter Necklace Buy here for $1800



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    How does one pull off looking chic while being inspired by a green eyeball?  Here's how...

  • Mike Wazowski Inspired 17 of 17

    For Mike's skin tone, we found this Roberto Cavalli embellished contrast sleeve dress. Buy here for $603
    Mike's nails are an off white, so we gave our Mike these CHLOÉ Ballerina flats. Buy here for $322
    Of course Mike needs an eye! We gave our Mike Wazowski this
    Studio Silver 18k Gold Crystal Evil Eye Ring. Buy here for $53
    And to finish off the outfit  and to pay homage to Mike's horns, we found this Anita Ko 18-karat rose gold, diamond and fossilized shark tooth necklace but boy, is it pricey. Buy here for $13,210

Monsters University opens everywhere on June 21st.

Kick off a Monstrous Summer and get more info at Disney Parks.

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