Emma Roberts: Caught with Cigarette (and More) in Public

I bet you had the same reaction I had when I saw this picture. Right? Who knew Emma Roberts was old enough to drive! Shocking! Oh, wait, it’s that other thing. The cigarette hanging out of her mouth. This daughter of actor Eric Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts, and on-screen Nancy Drew is a role model to girls everywhere. Even worse, that’s not the only possibly-deadly habit that the 19-year-old was caught showing off in public…

…she was texting and walking (see pic, below). Holy cow, this texting-and-walking epidemic must end before more people hurt themselves (or before more of them run into me. Really, I’ve had enough of it. I’m bruised and battered). In the meantime, let’s hope that Emma keeps her smoking to herself from now on. Celebrities smoking is always bad. But it’s especially disappointing when the celebrity is a teenager. And even worse when that teenager is Emma Roberts: there are a lot of girls out there who look up to her.



Article Posted 7 years Ago

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