EXCLUSIVE! 10 Questions for Emily Maynard from Her Daughter, Dating and Her New Jewelry Line!

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    On Life Balance
    How do you balance it all?
    Well, you just have to take it all as it comes. You have no choice. You just have to do it. (But there are things she does to make it easier).

    Like on Thursdays I do carpool so I always wear the same things (black leggings, top), so I'm ready to go. But I throw something else on so people don't think I wear the same thing everyday.

    Do you have a "mom uniform"?
    I wear a lot of leggings. And I wear a lot of dresses, since it so easy and just one piece.

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    On Her Jewelry Line
    How excited are you about your jewelry line? When does it launch?
    Well, I love jewelry and it's so hard to find something attractive and affordable. And the line comes out in May!

    Emily is collaborating with Towne and Reese on her very own line.

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    On Dating
    Do you have rules for dating as a mom? Do you have a time line or when they can meet Ricki?
    Honesty, it crazy but I haven't dated much outside of the Bachelor. So like, I'd be dating a guy for not that long and it freaks me out when I'm not engaged in six weeks! It's kind of refreshing to not have time limits on anything, just go with the flow and take it day by day and not worry what's going to happen in the end of two months. So I don't date a whole lot but I am very protective over my daughter, they have to get through me first.
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    On Blogs
    Emily just became a blogger! You can check out her blog (that focuses on fashion and beauty) and you can right here.
    Emily reads a lot of blogs, we asked her about some of her favorites which are:

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    Do you have an idea of your Prince Charming? Are there certain qualities you are looking for?
    Obviously I want him to have a good heart, a kind person, I like funny guys that can make me laugh, someone who is real and down-to-earth.
    Do you have a celebrity crush?
    I love Tom Hardy from Lawless, i love him and I love his facial hair. I love a beard. And I love Joaquin Phoenix, from Walk the Line, too.
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    Ricki's Crush!
    We heard that Ricky has her first celebrity crush!
    She does! It's her first crush period. I find that when she was listening to songs, the songs were super sassy and I wasn't really super comfortable with her singing along with some of them. So i found this YouTube channel called MattyB raps, and he's the cutest little boy, and he changes all the words of the songs to make them more kid friendly, and Ricki has the biggest crush on him. Then one night she had a sleepover and I told them (the girls) they could write him a note and I'd tweet it to him, and he wrote them back and they were freaking out, they were so excited. She has MattyB pictures in her room. She loves him.
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    The Ideal Day
    What is your ideal day for you an Ricki.
    There is a place here in Charlotte called Dish it Out, you go and they have every kind of pottery that you can imagine and you paint them, and some of the best conversations I've had with Ricky have been when were just sitting there painting pottery, you're there for a while so we talk about everything. And now I have kind of pottery you can imagine painted in the cab nits. It's cute and it's good memories. We go to the park a lot, I like to be outside with her and it's so pretty this time of year in Charlotte. Anywhere we can talk, have fun and still be a kid.
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    Mommy & Daughter
    Does she know that her mommy is famous or is she oblivious to the whole thing?
    No, she does not get it at all, nor should she. It's such a short time in my life that I'm even going to be relevant from the Bachelorette, She doesn't get it, like "why do they want your picture." I tell her, "I don't know either!"
    When you are out and about do people approach you or do they leave you alone? For the most part I go to the same places in Charlotte, at the grocery store, I'm old news. Every now and then someone will come and knock on my door. Like this boy knocked on my door and asked if I would help him ask this girl he liked to the prom. I did help, I'm not very good at saying no. I didn't go to my prom, so I made up for that.
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    One Busy Lady
    Besides that jewelry line, your new blog, and raising Ricki what else are you up to?
    I blog for InStyle, I do a video blog for E News, I'm just trying to keep busy, trying to keep it together. And for the last two days Ricky has been home with a stomach bug so I'm trying to keep her busy and entertained and to keep everything Lysol.

You know those people who just exude sweetness, positive energy and an gorgeous air that is so strong that comes through not just in person but simply over the phone? Bachelor/Bachelorette alum Emily Maynard does just that. We got the chance to talk to Emily about her what she’s been up to lately from dating, to her daughter Ricki and her brand new projects!

Check out this exclusive interview with Emily Maynard right here:



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