Four-Eyed Celebrities! 25 Glam Stars in Glasses (Photos)

There once was a time when a movie star, entertainer or celebrity would not be caught dead in their glasses. They would leave their specs at home opting for contacts or just wandering around with things being a bit blurry. But times have changes, eye glasses aren’t just acceptable but they are a chic accessory. And one thing for sure, celebrities wear them well.

Check out these 25 glam stars (with a few adorable celebrity kids mixed in) who wear glasses. Which style do you think is the best?

  • Charlize Theron 1 of 25
    Some look silly in the thick black rimmed glasses look, but Charlize Theron looks good in anything and everything!
  • David Beckham 2 of 25
    David Beckham wore a VERY large pair of glasses while out in New York City. An odd choice, but they, somehow, work on his face.
  • David Arquette 3 of 25
    Glasses totally change the look of David Arquette's face, giving more maturity to his boyish good looks. But it does make him look pretty smart.
  • Kingston Rossdale 4 of 25
    It appears that Kingston Rossdale isn't wearing these for his eyesight but rather as a Harry Potter-ish fashion statement.
  • Johnny Depp 5 of 25
    Johnny Depp, off screen, is always seen with his tinted old school glasses. They have totally become part of his "look."
  • Jason Lee 6 of 25
    These retro glasses totally make Jason Lee look like a dad from the 1950s. It's like he's in character for a TV show, but it's all his real life look.
  • Jenny McCarthy 7 of 25
    Jenny McCarthy always has played with the dumb blond stereotype, and the glasses give this bombshell a very smart look.
  • Tom Hanks 8 of 25
    These clear frames are a great choice for Tom Hanks. They're stylish and compliment that famous face of his.
  • Sandra Bullock 9 of 25
    Looking like the bookworm next door, Sandra Bullock wore a pair of thick black glasses to school drop off.
  • Brad Pitt 10 of 25
    Brad Pitt makes glasses look cool, really cool. Here he hit the red carpet wearing a pair of tinted thick glasses.
  • Robert Downey Jr. 11 of 25
    Robert Downey Jr. apparently looks at the world through purple tinted glasses. The Iron Man star looks very much like a professor with his vintage style glasses.
  • Kristin Davis 12 of 25
    Sex in the City alum Kristin Davis looks chic yet casual with her glasses on, it's a good look for her, although we could never imagine Charlotte wearing glasses.
  • Diane Keaton 13 of 25
    Diane Keaton always likes to go with classic looks, and that goes for her choice in glasses as well. A great pair for a woman of her age and lifestyle.
  • Steve Carell 14 of 25
    Steve Carell cleans up nicely, and a pair of glasses finishes up his look nicely.
  • Jack Osbourne 15 of 25
    New dad looks like he's a literature student holding on to his book while wearing his thick rimmed glasses.
  • Harrison Ford 16 of 25
    Hans Solo and Indiana Jones may not have worn glasses, but Harrison Ford does. Here Ford wears a pair of rounded frames which are a great match for his face.
  • Lisa Loeb 17 of 25
    Lisa Loeb's glasses are a part of his signature look, so much so that she endorsed her own line of glasses.
  • Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend 18 of 25
    Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart was spotted out with JLo while wearing a big pair of black rimmed glasses. They are totally in contrast with his tattooed, bad boy vibe.
  • Kelly Bensimon 19 of 25
    Real Housewives of New York City alum Kelly Bensimon has two daughters and both of them wear glasses.
  • Jennifer Garner 20 of 25
    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter Violet is almost always seen wearing her glasses. And she looks so cute in them!
  • Julie Bowen 21 of 25
    Modern Family mom Julie Bowen was spotted with her specs. A modern and clean look for this very modern mom.
  • Katie Couric 22 of 25
    Off camera, Katie Couric is a glasses wearer. But she probably wears contacts at other times since she has to do so much reading on camera.
  • Ty Burrell 23 of 25
    Modern Family dad Ty Burrell looks great in glasses, they really highlight his blue eyes.
  • Matthew Broderick 24 of 25
    Matthew Broderick looks every bit a New York intellectual with his classic pair of specs.
  • Mariah Carey’s Daughter 25 of 25
    Mariah Carey was spotted on the street this week holding on tight to his daughter Monroe. And Monroe, she wears glasses! Tiny, tiny glasses!

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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