Hoax Alert! Did "Teen Mom" Leah Really Have a Miscarriage?

Teen Mom 2 fans were shocked by the news last month that Leah Messer was pregnant again, this time by her brand-new fiance, Jeremy Calvert.

Then the tabs reported that she was expecting another set of twins, double the sibling count for daughters Ali and Aleeah. More rumors swirled that Leah was hoping to parlay her growing family into a spinoff TV show. But Leah finally tweeted a denial, saying the twin story was “bad reporting” and “fake.”

Still, the word was that the Teen Mom was still expecting – until two weeks ago, when a new tab cover story announced that Leah had suffered a miscarriage.

Critics may have clucked over the wisdom of a young girl rushing to start a family with a fiance she’d been seeing only a few months, but you had to sympathize with such a devastating loss. Photos showed her wiping away tears, and when fellow TMs Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry tweeted plans to visit Leah, the assumption was that they were going to comfort their friend in her time of grief.

But tweets that Leah posted on Friday suggest that not only did she not miscarry, but she may never have been pregnant in the first place!

She first tweeted the cryptic message “nervoussss,” which prompted friends to ask why. Leah replied, “I’m about my family doc, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve been to see a doctor. Idkk why I’m nervous either. lol.”

A few minutes later she added the visit was just “for a routine check up & I haven’t been to the dr in foreverrr. I hate drs.” She also joked that “my mother dearest @mommadawnspears kinda made me.”

Sooo…how could Leah have been pregnant and lost the baby in the last few weeks if this is the first time she’s been to the doctor in recent memory? It seems unlikely that she would have gone through a health crisis without getting medical attention.

And how strange is it that she’s never made mention of a miscarriage in her tweets?

And if this was all a long drawn-out tabloid hoax, why didn’t Leah send out a firm denial as soon as the first story hit and cut off the storyline before it got out of hand? Is she following a general ignore-all-rumors policy, or is she smart to realize that any publicity adds up to ratings?

What do you think? Were the pregnancy and miscarriage rumors bogus from the get-go?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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