How to Act Like a Celebrity Even When You're Not One

How to Act Like a Celebrity Even When You're Not One via Babble.comOkay, admit it — you have wondered at one time or another what you have to do to get famous. I know I have, though I am not entirely sure I want to be famous to the point of come celebrities, but the money and ease of some things certainly would be welcome.

I am not sure if it’s a matter of being extremely good looking or the best at what you do or all that combined with some good luck and ‘right place at the right time’ that are the ingredients for being known around the world. One thing I do know, there are certain qualities that celebrities do have in common — and it something that pretty much anyone can do.

So, next time you find yourself daydreaming about being famous or trying to come up with the next big plan to get you that fame, just try acting like a celebrity and see if it fits. Maybe you will get a taste that you really like it or maybe faking it instead of making it will do you just fine. Take some cues from celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Katie Holmes and you will have no trouble acting like you’re famous, even if you’re not.

Click through for 6 easy ways to pretend you’re a celebrity & no one will know the difference:

  • Have Famous Friends 1 of 6
    If you're not famous yourself, surround yourself by famous people. That way once they are spotted by the paparazzi, you will be in the news too. Also, all the famous celebrities have famous friends too.
  • Get Creative 2 of 6
    If you're pregnant or just given birth, be sure to think like a celebrity and give your child the most creative sounding name you can. If you're really wanting to be famous -- out do Blue Ivy and Penelope Scotland and you're set.
  • Never Leave Home Without Your Sig Look 3 of 6
    Celebrities always have their signature look even if they're just playing at the park with their kids. Never leave home without your red lipstick!
  • Know You’re Better 4 of 6
    If you're a parent, take a cue from some celebrity moms and talk about your way of doing things like it's the best way ever. Didn't have an epidural during your birth? Be sure to have yourself quoted saying that you didn't want to drug your baby.
  • Do It Better 5 of 6
    Celebrities appear to be super-human when it comes to their bodies. If you want to act famous, look ridiculously well put together even if you're just in your yoga pants after a long workout.
  • Be Awesome at Mundane 6 of 6
    Want to really pretend you're famous? Get the paparazzi to follow you around doing the most simple and mundane things like grocery shopping or filling your car up with gas.

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