How To Play the Numbers on Facebook Status Game: Is it Really the Next Viral Hit?

Another week, another viral Facebook game.

The entertaining and wide spread invasion of the cartoon character avatars on Facebook is like, so yesterday, so what’s new this week? The Numbers on Facebook Status Game of course. But will it REALLY be a bit viral hit and how do you play in the first place?

“Facebook users can ask their friends what they think about them by supplying them with a number. The friend then gives the answer, and attaches the number to their answer for identification purposes.”  Like “#708 I am in love,” or “2349 It is a new day and I love my new job.” But that really isn’t as fun as finding and posting a cute, cuddly or kitschy cartoon character.

Will you embrace a new facebook game? Or just the ones that pertain to animated characters of yore?

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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