The Luckiest Names in Hollywood

  • The Luckiest Names in Hollywood: 14 celebrity kids with Irish monikers 1 of 17
  • The Luckiest Girls’ Names in Hollywood 2 of 17
  • Meaning: gentle beauty 3 of 17
    How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan chose to embrace her father's Irish heritage by naming her baby girl Keeva. Though Hannigan's choice was a surprise to American audiences, Keeva has consistently been in the Top 20 Irish baby names for decades, and we were happy to see it make the jump across the pond!
  • Meaning: the fair one 4 of 17
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Fiona Eve, that's who! Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli, who recently announced their split, named their youngest daughter Fiona back in 2006.
  • Meaning: little redhead 5 of 17
    Brooke Shields put this decidedly boy-friendly Irish name on the map for little girls after she named her daughter this back in 2003. Our only gripe is that Brooke's little girl doesn't have red hair …
  • Meaning: rose 6 of 17
    Infamous Irish singer Sinead O'Connor gave her blossoming little girl this moniker. We have to say, when it comes to flower-inspired baby names, "nothing compares 2 U," Roisin.
  • Meaning: Ireland 7 of 17
    You can't get any more dedicated to your homeland than by naming your daughter after it. Former couple Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger named their only daughter this unquestionably Irish surname back in 1995.
  • Meaning: son of Cionaodh 8 of 17
    Television stars Susan Haskell and Thorsten Kaye welcomed this Irish-named babe in 2003. With mom's past run on One Life to Live, and dad's on All My Children, we hope little McKenna's tantrums don't recall their on-screen melodrama!
  • Meaning: beloved, friend 9 of 17
    Controversial reality TV exes Kate and Jon Gosselin gave this Irish name to one of their twin daughters in 2000. These days, we hope Cara (and sister Madelyn) is a beloved friend to her six younger brothers and sisters, who were born in 2004.
  • The Luckiest Boys’ Names in Hollywood 10 of 17
  • Meaning: battle 11 of 17
    Kevin Costner chose this strong Irish moniker for his third son, born in 2007. We love this unique name as an alternative to the overly popular "Aiden." And if you want it to stand out even more, consider alternative spellings like Caden or Kaden.
  • Meaning: fair 12 of 17
    Will and Grace star Eric McCormack left behind his Scottish-Canadian roots and instead chose to give his son an Irish moniker. With a name that means fair, we doubt little Finnigan has a problem sharing on the playgrounds of Hollywood!
  • Meaning: from the deer estate 13 of 17
    Grey's Anatomy heartthrob and dad of three, Patrick Dempsey bequeathed one of his twin boys with this Celtic moniker in 2007. Along with brother Sullivan and sister Talula, this is one well-named brood!
  • Meaning: castle, stone fort 14 of 17
    Daniel Day-Lewis bequeathed his two youngest sons with Irish monikers: along with Cashel comes older brother Ronan (the legendary name of 10 Celtic saints) — just the names to bring the luck of the Irish to Hollywood!
  • Meaning: abundance, prosperity 15 of 17
    When it comes to riffraff baby names, Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost steer clear. They gave their eldest son the unique Irish moniker Rafferty — the perfect name for a little boy with such popular and prosperous parents!
  • Meaning: son of the red-haired one 16 of 17
    While the meaning doesn't quite fit Flynn's parents (neither Orlando Bloom nor Miranda Kerr have scarlet locks), this Irish name is so charming, we'll make an exception!
  • Meaning: little dark one 17 of 17
    The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies named her son the ultra-hip Irish moniker Kieran. Because the name means "little dark one," we weren't surprised to see this little guy out and about with a full head of dark curls!
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