Is Beyonce Pregnant AGAIN?!? (We're Not Buyin' It)

A second baby for Beyonce and Jay-Z?

Is the Queen Bey about to add another little buzzer to her hive?

Okay, that was beyond lame.

But then again, so is the newest rumor surrounding superstar diva/mom Beyonce.

The site is reporting that Bey and husband Jay-Z are expecting again – less than six months after the birth of little Blue Ivy.

Calling it a “WORLDWIDE SUPER EXCLUSIVE” report, they don’t even hedge their bets by saying it might be possibly, perhaps, kinda-sorta true-ish. Nope, they’re boldly coming out and saying it’s “CONFIRMED” by a source superduperclose to Beyonce.

According to this bestie, Ms. Fierce absolutely has to be pregnant again because she’s been seen taking folic acid pills, a standard regimen for women in the early-trimester weeks.

Plus, she’s been saying no to alcohol at recent parties and outings, despite the fact that friends have been ordering Petrus, “her favorite wine.”

Well, if that isn’t rock-solid proof, I don’t know what is!

Okay. Now for the reality check.

First off, the woman just gave birth. Anyone who’s ever had a new baby knows that the first few months are challenging enough. Most of the time, you’re too overwhelmed with late nights, leaky boobs and laundry to even think about adding another kid to the mix. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen – just ask Britney Spears or Michelle Duggar – but it’s not an everyday occurrence.

Then there’s Bey herself, who just a few weeks ago told a reporter that she definitely wants more kids – just not anytime soon. Take a look at the video and watch her face. It has that deer-in-the-headlights look that says, “I have enough on my plate right now, thank you very much!”

Finally, there’s her busy schedule. The woman just dropped 60 pounds by eating like a rabbit and considers it a triumph to enjoy a little chocolate now. She’s showing off her figure in amazing dresses and playing to sold-out houses. Is she really going to go back to maternity wear and home confinement after all this? Don’t think so.

Best to take this new rumor with a mega-grain of salt and wait to see what develops. MTO says she’s only about two months along and won’t make any announcements till late summer – which will give them plenty of time to concoct a semi-plausible explanation when Beyonce’s belly fails to blossom.

What do you think? Do you believe the story?


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