Is Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally Disrespectful? Famous Folks Chime In!

While thousands of Tea Partiers are gathering on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday August 28th to celebrate their movement and the Fox superstar Glenn Beck, others are questioning the motive of not just the gathering but the date on which it is happening. Forty-seven years ago on August 28th, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his extremely famous and powerful ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.

Beck has feigned innocence saying it was just a coincidence and “divine providence” that he scheduled his speech on the same date and place as King’s speech.  He said, “It was not my intention to select 8-28 because of the Martin Luther King tie. It is the day he made that speech. I had no idea until I announced it and I walked offstage and my researchers said, New York Times has already just published that this is [the same day as the King speech] — and I said, ‘Oh, jeez.’ ”

And people from both sides of the aisle, both conservative and liberal are questioning his motives… of not just the selection of the date but the whole event itself. “The conservative movement is still split on Glenn and whether he’s doing it for himself or doing it for the movement,” said Erick Erickson, the founder of the conservative blog Red State. That this one time morning DJ and stand up comedian is doing the event not for fame and financial gains is questionable. And if it’s not for altruistic reasons, what is teaching our children about respecting history.

Here are what some famous folks are saying about Beck’s rally and the coincidence of the date.

Jon Stewart dubbed the really, “I Have A Scheme,” He said, “Wow, so Glenn Beck didn’t realize that was an important day in African-American history?” he asked. “I find that… Totally plausible. I find that totally plausible.” But he did note that Beck won’t be in the exact same spot as MLK but rather, ” two flights down”.

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Stephen Colbert chimed in about the controversy adding that, “8/28 is also the birthday of Jason Priestley. You don’t see his panties in a bunch.”

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MSNBC’s Keith Oberman has had a field day mocking the event, saying, “If all goes according to plan, it will rival this nation’s seminal moments…had those historical events included a welcome area, cooling stations, access to porta-johns and sponsorship opportunities.”

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“They have a right to rally. But what they don’t have the right do is distort what Dr. King’s dream was about,” the Rev. Al Sharpton declared Friday. He also said, “For Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to have a march, they have the right to do so. Many of us suspect they are using the symbolism of that day in a way that does not reflect what the day is about.”

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