Isabella Rossellini and Motherhood Within Nature

Isabella Rossellini in 'Mammas' a show about mothers in natureIsabella Rossellini has loved animals for a long time. A few years ago she took her love and curiosity and used it to develop a series of short films about the mating life of animals. Green Porno and Seduce Me featured the iconic actress dressed up as animals and talking about and then acting out how animals get intimate.

I have watched almost all of the short films from those two series and my reactions ranged from OH MY HEAVENS! to holding my sides from laughing so hard. At the heart of the films, Isabella hopes to educate, and if dressing up as a snail or a bumblebee gets people to watch she is game!

Isabella’s new series, Mammas, will air on the Sundance channel premiering on Mother’s Day. Paper Magazine has an exclusive sneak peak video at one of the episodes of Mammas featuring the oil beetle.

In Mammas Rossellini dresses as a mother spider, wasp, hamster, toad, cuckoo, dunnock, oil beetle, piping plover and cichlid fish to show how each species brings her young into the world.

In discussing the new shorts Isabella explains, “This is what I am telling in the films. I’m saying that conventional idea we have that mothers are ready to sacrifice themselves has been proven incorrect.”

She tells Sundance, “The art of being a mother and how it transcends all species is captivating. These mammas may change and confound your ideas of maternity, whether it’s the inherent altruistic nature of mothers to the great lengths various creatures will take to ensure the survival of their young.”

These films will be unlike anything you have ever seen before, and some, due to their subject matter, may not be appropriate for younger viewers. You will certainly learn (and remember!) more than any science book you have read.

This photo released courtesy of Sundance Channel showing Isabella Rossellini in the Sundance Channel original short “Mammas”.

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