Jessica Simpson - Forget About Your Weight Watchers Deal!

Jessica Simpson is struggling to lose the baby weight.

Enough is enough!

Yes, it’s important for a new mom to get back into shape if she gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. And yes, famous entertainers have to maintain their looks because of our society’s unfair standards of beauty, our obsession with thinness, yada yada yada.

But let’s face facts. Not everyone is Beyonce, who melted away her baby bump so fast that you wonder whether she spent any time with baby Blue Ivy between strenuous workouts and rabbit-food meals. In fact, most of us are still pulling on maternity jeans weeks, if not months, after leaving the maternity ward.

I don’t know about you, but it’s killing me to see Jessica Simpson being reduced to a series of numbers: namely, her post-baby weight (a reported 182 pounds), the amount of weight she’s being asked to lose in a year, as per her agreement with Weight Watchers (70 pounds), and the amount of money she’ll be paid if she succeeds ($4 million).

Despite her insistence via Twitter that “Weight Watchers hasn’t put ANY pressure on me!”, other sources say that’s not the case. What’s the latest?

According to a new report, the latest issue of Star claims Jess has gained back 15 of the 20 pounds she’d lost thus far, sending her into a fit of despair and tears. Worse yet, Us Weekly says her deal with the weight-loss giant will go kaput if she doesn’t take off at least 20 to 30 pounds by the end of August!

Isn’t that a lot to ask of a first-time mother whose baby is barely two months old?

Has anyone considered that her body may not be ready to go back into pre-maternity form now (or ever)? Does her contract allow for the possibility that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain? Ditto excess stress? (Read up on your neurotransmitters, folks.) And how about the fact that new moms tend to have precious little time to dash off to the gym (because as we all know, diet alone doesn’t do it)? Or would they prefer that Jessica leave tiny Maxwell Drew with a nanny for the next eight weeks so she can go back to a size 2 and brag about her success on magazine covers?

Oh – and has anyone seen any candid photos of her smiling lately?

It’s not worth it, Jessica. Tell WW the deal is off. You’ll lose the weight in your own time and your own way. Go back to living and parenting. You need a few million dollars more? Sell the photo rights to your wedding to Eric Johnson. But counting points and hiding your face as you leave the Zumba class isn’t worth the angst.

Do it for yourself. Please.

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