Joely Fisher Interview: Joely Appreciates Every Moment of Work, Family, and Life

joely fisher
Joely Fisher

Were you a fan of the sitcom, Til’ Death, starring Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett? I absolutely loved that show when it was on, and I would find myself laughing and nodding my head throughout each and every episode. Til’ Death followed the adventures of Joely’s character, Joy Stark, as she managed the ups and downs of being married to the same man for 20-years.

I had the opportunity to attend a group phone interview last week where I got to ask Joely a couple of questions about her time on the show, and about her life as the busy mom of five kids!

Prior to my questions with her, I really enjoyed listening to her talk about her fascinating life with the rest of the participants on the call. Joely is the daughter of famous parents, Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher, and she grew up traveling the world with her parents, where she was bitten by the stage bug very early on! She told a fun story of how in her household, it was typical for her to walk down the stairs and find Lucille Ball sitting at the bar with her mother drinking a Manhattan and smoking a cigarette. (Can you even imagine)?!?

Joely has passed on the same love of entertainment to her daughters, who spent time on set with her while she was filming her various TV shows. She knows that she was incredibly lucky to be able to take her kids to work with her, and she recognizes that not all mothers have this luxury.

Joely has such an amazing attitude, and she truly recognizes just how unique her life has been, and how blessed she is to have had so many incredible experiences. She has a genuine appreciation of every moment in her life, whether it be work, her kids, or some of the smaller things that make life so rewarding.

Here is an excerpt from my conversation with Joely:

Me: I love ‘Til Death, I was a huge fan and I just wondered what was it like to go from having this house full of kids to playing an empty nester on set?

Joely Fisher: You know what it was, it’s kind of strange, I, you know, like I don’t know if you’ve been listening all along but my kids, you know, not missing school or anything like that, they, you know, they were, they lead a fairly normal existence but…you know they were used to coming on set with mom and one, my 10-year-old daughter I was doing a show called Wild Card that was on Lifetime for a couple years when she was little and she learned to like sit with the earphones on and be quiet when we were rolling and this is like at two and a half, they’d say cut and she’d throw her arms up in the air and say now we talk.I mean like they literally like they know their place without it being like life is to serious, you know, they like it as long as they like it and then when they’re ready to leave they’re like okay we’ve had enough and I’m, I support that. You know I don’t drag them there and say you have to come sit and watch mommy act, I mean that’s stupid.

But you’re, you know, it’s like your work is your work, I mean I was playing a character that was not me, you know, so when I, you know, and I’m not like I always laugh and when people say that they’re a method actor I say I’m a Methodist actor and make a joke of it because I’m not a Methodist but I’m making a joke that when I’m in those clothes and those, that skin I’m that girl.

You know when, wherever it is, you know, I am, I’m not Joely. A lot of Joely drifts in and out of some of the people I’ve played but, you know, it’s, it comes like it’s like my cloak, you know, I put on, you know, I get my hair all big and my boobs all up and high and go to town.

That’s what I always said about even about my character Paige that, when I played opposite of Ellen DeGeneres I said, they would say is she like you, and I’d say we have the same boobs and the same hair.

Me: The one thing that never changes right?

Joely Fisher: Exactly.

Me: And one more quick question, do you have any big, hot holiday gifts in your house this year that your kids are just asking for, because I know that our list has been started since like Halloween.

Joely Fisher: Well they’re asking but they’re not getting. You know I mean they are children of this age and they, they love the gadgets and things and mom has an iPad, doesn’t, not necessary to get the children an iPad.

You know like I firmly, firmly believe that and, you know, I had to break down and do, you know, do a phone finally for my daughter and actually now I can actually find her, which is wonderful.

And you know, but, you know, they, they’re into different kinds, there’s not one, you know, they’re, they, they’re good I got to say ladies they’re good kids, they’re respectful, they understand sometimes when, you know, money’s not as flush as it is at other times and they just, you know, they don’t ask for much. It’s really crazy, I really I feel like, you know, I done good in that way, you know.

Me: That’s great, yes they could teach my son a lesson.

Joely Fisher: They, you know, don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of stuff in this house, you know, I mean it’s a bit crazy so I also you know, Skylar, the little ones haven’t quite done it yet but my 10-year-old she does gather together things and we do like a little give away always every year of, you know, not broken and dilapidated but, you know, some things that she doesn’t pay with and, you know, we donate a lot of toys and things. And so I’m, I dig that she’s into that, like she says, you know, not to fill it with other things but she says, you know, I’m not really playing with this, I’m getting too old for that or whatever, so we do like to give back a bit too.

Me: That’s wonderful. Well thank you so much and I hope you have just a wonderful Christmas.

Joely Fisher: Thank you. You too.

If you missed Til’ Death during it’s original run, you are in luck, because it has now gone into syndication. Check your local listings and set your DVR…because this is one comedy that you don’t want to miss!

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