Josh Brolin Raves About Step-Moms Barbra Streisand, Megan Fox and Diane Lane

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Josh Brolin "thanks God" for step-mom Barbra Streisand

One can picture Barbra Streisand being a difficult step-mother given her high-maintenance reputation, but seems that’s not the case. Her step-son Josh Brolin thinks she’s the best thing to happen to his father James Brolin,who married the legend in 1998. In an interview with Playboy magazine, Brolin says: “The fact that he got together with her and found this solace is such a coup and so wonderful. The guy was so frigging unhappy and lonely. She’s always like, ‘Come over. We’ll have cake or cocktails or soup or ice cream.’ I love her and I love what they’ve created together. I say thank God for her.”

Speaking of step-mothers, Brolin also raved about the talents of another one: Megan Fox, who recently married Brian Austin Green and co-starred with Brolin in Jonah Rex. “What Megan has done is confuse everybody thoroughly,” he says of Fox, 24. “To me, she’s doing something more interesting than what a lot of other young people in movies are doing.”

He goes on to compare Fox to an acting legend. “Katharine Hepburn, one of the most appreciated actresses today, was hated back in her heyday. She was box office poison…They didn’t understand her. Yet now we all look back and go, ‘Okay, she was incredible,'” he says.

Brolin wants to help Fox find work with his own film production company. “I would love to be the person who puts Megan in a film in which she can actually do something interesting.”

He also says in the interview that he doesn’t cheat on his wife Diane Lane, who has been a step-mom to his two children Trevor Mansur, 22, and Eden, 17, since 2004.


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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