Kate Gosselin Answers Fan Questions On Raising Her Children, Future Desinations

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Kate Gosselin answers fan-made questions.

With Kate Plus 8 behind her, Kate Gosselin has taken up residence at her online blog where she often answers fan-made questions regarding her family.

This time, Kate is answering personal questions regarding an organic diet for his children, future family destinations, and how much sleep she gets!

Check out the latest questions:

Q: What is one place you would love to visit ?

A: Hi Madison  There are many many many places I’d love to visit! The main ones that come to mind though are: South Africa, Holland, any tropical heavenly island on earth :), London and Paris. I’ve never been to Europe and I need to see the world before I die….

Q: If you could either live in Venice, Italy or Paris, France what would you choose?
-Kate H.

A: Hi Kate Another travel question! I haven’t been to either so I can’t say. I’d love to visit both!

Q: When you had your surgery and you had to cook meals for two weeks what were the meals you cooked and froze?
Also did you cook them all the way before you froze them or prepared them and cooked them when it was time to serve them?

A: Hi Maria! Before I had my tummy tuck, I cooked a bunch of meals. I can’t recall exactly which ones I cooked on that day, but typically in my freezer you can find home made spaghetti meat sauce, soups (chicken noodle, mommy minestrone, vege beef and any others I create) meat loaf, pizza meat balls, poppyseed chicken casserole, broccoli chicken casserole, chili… And the list goes on.

I typically freeze casseroles uncooked but everything else I cook ahead. Meats that were already frozen cannot be thawed and refrozen raw. So if I buy ground beef frozen, then I must cook the meatloaf before I freeze it. If I buy the meat raw, then I can mix and freeze the meatloaf raw.

I always cook and freeze for when I am traveling for work. My kids say that it helps them to not miss me “as long as we have mommy food!” That melts my heart so how can’t I cook ahead?;)

Q: What kind of house plants do you have?

A: Hi Rebecca I’m not “Green thumb Gert” (that’s my mom!) but I have a few plants from my grandma A Norfolk Island pine tree and a pathos plant. I also have a fern, an aloe plant for burns, a Hawaiian flowering plant (I forget the name, oops!), a banana tree, and a few others. They are all still living so I consider myself lucky!

Right after Mady and Cara were born, my mom (aka “green thumb Gert”, see above) visited and noticed my unwatered ailing plants and said “hmm I see your plants are dying.”
I remember saying “Mom, if it’s between the plants and the babies, I choose to keep my babies alive!”
Lol! I still laugh at myself today about that one!

Q: My question is, do you still continue to feed the kids Organic Foods only?

A: Hi Emily We do them same amount of organic as we have always done. For me, it’s a life commitment to feed my kids as healthy and wholly (that word looks weird!!) as possible!
I’ve always said, as much as I can do organic, I will do!
I think everyone should find their own “happy medium” while making healthy food choices a priority!

Q: How much sleep do you get each night?

A: Hi Patrick! I never ever ever get enough sleep! I survive on an average of 5-6.5 hours per night. I typically get up around 5:30 am and go to sleep around 11 ish pm. I would love to be able to say that I sleep 8 hours per night because that is what I need (everyone is different!) and that is healthiest but it just doesn’t happen for me…. Gee, I wonder why??? 😉

Q: Do you drink coffee?
-Bev S.

A: Hi Bev! My answer to this question? Let’s all say it together:
Is the sky blue on a sunny day????
YES! Coffee flows through my veins, although in reality I drink no more than 3 cups of caffeinated coffee per day! I also drink lots of water and no soda except I’ll have a diet coke once in a blue moon!

Q: What is your favourite day of the week and why?
Bev S.

A: Hi again Bev! I don’t really have a favorite day of the week but I do enjoy days when the kids are off school and we have nothing to do except play at home and cook and relax!


What do you think of Kate’s answers?

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