Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Simpson And Other Celeb Parents Who Chose Unisex Names For Their Babies (Photos)

2PicMonkey CollageWhen it comes to celebrities and the names they give their babies, we’re already used to hearing the most outrageous names possible (Apple or Moxie Crimefighter, anyone?), but there’s a trend that’s catching on, and it’s catching on fast: unisex names that can sound cute, despite the pink or blue you have decorated all over your little oven muffin’s nursery.

Let’s take Jessica Simpson for example, here. She named her first born Maxwell Drew which a lot of people griped about, but to be honest, it’s actually a cute, Southern-gal name when you think about it. She’s also reportedly already picked out a name for her second child which is rumored to be Ace, even though she hasn’t confirmed whether she’s having a boy or a girl yet. While Ace of course sounds like something that would better fit a boy, I wouldn’t be surprised if that little baby comes out with an Etsy bow on his or her head right out of the womb!

If I were to get pregnant for a third time, I think I’d not only keep the sex of my baby a secret, but I would go with a unisex name, too, like for example Harper (Victoria Beckham’s daughter), Flynn (Miranda Kerr’s son) or even Lou (Heidi Klum’s daughter). Those names sound like they would go perfect for either sex, right? In fact, even Kourtney Kardashian’s son’s name Mason can work for girls, too (Kelsey Grammer has a daughter named Mason).

Check out our photo gallery of celebrities who have given their children unisex names and tell us which ones you think or a yay and which ones are a nay. Also, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of Irish baby names out there that are unisex? Pretty clever of them, eh?

  • Phoenix 1 of 14
    Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown named her first-born daughter Phoenix, which can of course work good for either a boy or a girl, even though the name might be a little late 90s, early 2000s. Still, it's a cute name for either gender.
  • Flynn 2 of 14
    Miranda Kerr named her son Flynn, which of course sounds best as a name for boys but little girls named Flynn are absolutely adorable. In fact, I think I'm leaning towards Flynn as more of a girl's name, than for boys.
  • Keegan 3 of 14
    Just like Flynn, you gotta love Irish unisex names, right? Nicole Eggert's daughter is Keegan, which can work as a name for both sexes, too.
  • Brooklyn 4 of 14
    From Brooklyn Beckham to actress Brooklyn Decker, we're hearing the name Brooklyn almost everywhere these days, aren't we? But I'm sure it's a name that's only hip and happening outside the New York City boroughs, though.
  • Lou 5 of 14
    Heidi's youngest child is Lou, which is another great unisex name. I'm sure that Sandra Bullock sometimes calls her son, Louis, Lou on occasion, too.
  • Sasha 6 of 14
    Naomi Watts Liev Schreiber call their son Alexander by his nickname Sasha, which is a name which is great for both boys and girls (just think: Sacha Baron Cohen!).
  • Noah 7 of 14
    Noah seems to be very popular in the celebrity baby world these days. Both Alessandra Ambrosio and Megan Fox have recently named their newborns Noah and if you can recall, Miley Cyrus' sister is also named Noah, too.
  • Mason 8 of 14
    Sure, we really don't hear the name Mason all too often for girls, but it's a name that can go both ways, can't it?
  • Marion 9 of 14
    While Sarah Jessica Parker gave one daughter the name Tabitha, she gave her other one, Marion a very unisex name, don't you say?
  • Skyler 10 of 14
    Skyler is an adorable name, regardless of whether you or a boy or a girl and it's quickly becoming very popular, too.
  • Kendall 11 of 14
    OK, I know that Kendall is not a celebrity baby, but she is a Kardashian and it's a unisex name that I actually adore.
  • Harper 12 of 14
    While Harper can be such a cute girl's name (Victoria Beckham, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tiffani Thiessen have all named their daughters Harper, too), it's actually a masculine name if you look it up in the dictionary.
  • Rowan 13 of 14
    Didn't I tell you that the Irish did a great job of giving their kids unisex names? Brooke Shield's daughter, pictured here, is named Rowan. When you hear the name Rowan, who do you automatically think of first?
  • Max 14 of 14
    Jennifer Lopez's son is named Max (and who just happens to be giving us a Marc Anthony death stare here), which also happens to be the name that Jessica Simpson gave her daughter, Max(well) Drew.

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