Lara Logan: Her Days of Swimsuit Modeling & Affairs Are Coming Back to Haunt Her

lara logan

Lara Logan didn’t just suffer abuse at the hands of her attackers in Egypt, but she continues to take a beating in the press from Twitter tirades (from the likes of Nir Rosen) to some insanely cruel comments made on websites here, there and everywhere.  One thing that keeps on coming up? Her somewhat sordid and sensationalized past.  What are people talking about?

First, there are the swimsuit photos. Apparently when Lara Logan was in college she did pose in a couple swimsuit photos, which earned her the nickname 34D Lara in the British tabloid (where she was going to college).  But the photos are conservative and it’s something that Lara Logan seems to own, bringing it up on occasion.

Then there are the affairs which were at the time were escalated to the level of a “sex scandal”. Lara was in the center of a Baghdad based love triangle between CNN correspondent Michael Ware and a married Iraq based contractor named Joe Burkett.  Lara was apparently “the other woman” and was the center of the bitter divorce between her lover Joe and his wife Kimberly Burkett. And to make matters worse, Logan became pregnant with Joe’s child. After the divorce, Lara and Joe Burkett got married.

But the worst thing about her past coming back up? That somehow people are using this as a justification to what happened to her in Egypt. Had she been a saint, the same criticism, and underlying “blame the victim” type comments would not be part of the conversation. The past is the past and even though these are part of her biography, they should not be reasons to justify the wrong that was done to her in Cairo.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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