Late Bloomers: 25 Celebrity Dads Who Had Babies Over the Age of 50

A woman has a limited window of opportunity to become a mother the old fashioned way — no matter how late women are waiting to have babies, as soon as menopause hits, the odds of becoming pregnant vastly diminish. But men can continue to procreate until they are old and gray. As the BBC reports, “While a woman’s ability to reproduce greatly reduces after a certain age, which explains why only 0.3% of mothers in 2011 were over the age of 45, men can go on creating children as long as they can have sex.”

And celebrity men, of all ages, sure keep themselves busy creating children! Men who happen to be rich and famous continue to become fathers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. This week, news broke that George Lucas became a father at the age of 69, which made us wonder about other “late bloomer” dads out there. Check out these other 24 dads who had babies in their later years.

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  • George Lucas – Baby at 69! 2 of 26

    This week it was announced that George Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson welcomed a baby girl named Everest Hobson Lucas.  The baby was born via a surrogate and is the first biological child for Lucas. He does have three other children from a previous marriage that were adopted.


  • Steve Martin – Baby at 67 3 of 26

    Steve Martin had his very first kid when he was 67 years old. He and his then 41-year-old wife Anne Stringfield welcomed a daughter earlier this year but have kept very mum with any details about their baby.

  • Robert DeNiro – Baby at 68! 4 of 26

    Robert DeNiro and wife Grace Hightower had a baby in 2011 when the Raging Bull star was 68 and his wife Grace was 56. They had the baby via a surrogate, and she joined their 15-year-old son Elliot. At the time, DeNiro also had four other children - daughter Drena, 40, and son Raphael, 35, with former wife Diahnne Abbott, and also 16-year-old twin sons Julian and Aaron, born via surrogate with his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith

  • Charlie Chaplin – Baby at 73! 5 of 26

    Charlie Chaplin had a LOT of kids, 12 in total. The youngest - Christopher James - was born back in 1962 when the Chaplin was 73 years old. Chaplin passed away at age 88, when his youngest was 15. 

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  • Nick Nolte – Baby at 66! 6 of 26

    Back in 2007, Nick Nolte welcomed his second child at age 66 a daughter named Sophie with his wife Clytie Lane.

  • Michael Douglas – Baby at 58! 7 of 26

    Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones welcomed their second child together - Carys Zeta Douglas - when Michael was 58 and Zeta-Jones was 33. Michael's youngest joined their son Dylan Michael (who was  2 and 1/2 at the time) and Douglas' son Cameron, who was then 24, from a previous marriage.

  • Hugh Grant – Baby at 52! 8 of 26

    Hugh Grant became a first time dad at the age of 51, and then welcomed a second child at the age of 52!  He said of the birth of the first, "I can't pretend it wasn't a little bit of a surprise." The mother was his on again/off again girlfriend Tinglan Hong.

  • Rod Stewart – Baby at 66! 9 of 26

    Rod Stewart has had eight children, yes eight! His youngest  - son Aiden - was born in 2011 when Rod was 66.  And get this, Rod's daughter Kimberly Stewart had a baby in August, six months after Aiden was born. So Rod has a grandchild and a child who are the same age!

  • Hugh Hefner – Baby at 66! 10 of 26

    Hugh Hefner was 66 when he had his last child, Cooper.  Hef is now 87, and Cooper is now 22 and is being groomed to take over Playboy.

  • Elton John – Baby at 66! 11 of 26

    Elton John, 66, and husband David Furnish welcomed their second son this year, the first son was born back in 2011.

  • Donald Trump – Baby at 62! 12 of 26

    Donald Trump had his fifth child when he was 62, his son Barron William Trump with wife Melania. He also has five grandkids.

  • Mick Jagger – Baby at 56! 13 of 26

    Mick Jagger fathered a child with a woman he had a fling with back in 1999, when he was 56. He joined Jagger's other six children and Mick also has four grandkids.

  • Tony Randall – Baby at 78! 14 of 26

    Tony Randall married his wife Heather, who was fifty years younger than he was, and the pair had two children - the first was born when he was 77. He said before his first was born, "What I look forward to is when the kid is 15 and we go out in the yard to play ball. I'll only be 90." But Tony Randall died at the age of 84 when his kids were ages six and seven.

  • Larry King – Baby at 67! 15 of 26

    Larry King has been married eight, yes eight, times. His youngest son Cannon was born in 2000 when Larry was 67.

  • Paul McCartney – Baby at 61! 16 of 26

    Paul McCartney already had four grown children when he had this fifth at the age of 61 - with then wife Heather Mills.

  • Bruce Willis – Baby at 57! 17 of 26

    Bruce Willis already had three grown, and almost grown, daughters with ex-Demi Moore, when he welcomed his daughter Mabel Ray Willis in 2012.

  • Julio Iglesias – Baby at 63! 18 of 26

    Julio Iglesias is now 69 and had his last child  - his eighth - when he was 63. He's been very busy in his later years, he and his Dutch model wife also had - at the time of their last child's birth, two sons, Miguel Alejandro, 9, and Rodrigo, 7, as well as 5-year-old twin girls, Victoria and Cristina.

  • Clint Eastwood – Baby at 66! 19 of 26

    Clint Eastwood keeps busy, he has had seven children with five different women. His youngest - Morgan Eastwood - was born in 1996 when Clint was 66.

  • Luciano Pavarotti – Baby at 68! 20 of 26

    Opera legend Luciano Pavarotti fathered a baby when he was 68 . He passed away in September of 2007 when his daughter Alice was just four-years-old.

  • Alec Baldwin – Baby at 55! 21 of 26

    VERY soon, Alec Baldwin will be having a baby with wife Hilaria Thomas. Alec will be 55 when their child is born. This will be the second child for Baldwin, his daughter Ireland is now 17.

  • David Letterman – Baby at 56! 22 of 26

    David Letterman had his son Harry when he was 56 and he wished he had taken time away from his career to have more kids. "You miss a lot of what's going on around you. I just thought, "I can't do both." I was wrong about that. I have a little boy now," he said. "I wish I had a little girl [too]."


  • Dennis Quaid – Babies at 53! 23 of 26

    Dennis Quaid had his first child with then wife Meg Ryan when he was 38-years-old. He took a break from making babies and then had a set of twins in 2007 when he was 53.

  • David Bowie – Baby at 53! 24 of 26

    David Bowie and Iman had their daughter Alexandria "Lexi" Zahra Jones in 2000 when Bowie was 53. He already had a grown son who was born in 1971.

  • Warren Beatty – Baby at 63! 25 of 26

    Annette Benning and Warren Beatty have four children, the youngest was born in 2000 when Warren was 63.

  • Gary Busey – Baby at 65! 26 of 26

    Gary Busey was 65 when his son Luke was born back in 2010. And in August of 2012, Gary Busey became a grandfather when his son Jake Busy had his first child.  That means Gary's son and granddaughter can have playdates!

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